Talisman, the charming dungeon crawling board game, is finally getting a modern 5th edition

First published by Games Workshop in 1983, Talisman: the magical quest game is fondly remembered by children who grew up with board games in the 1980s and early 1990s. But the last version of the dungeon crawling board game, the fourth, was published way back in 2008, long before the modern board game renaissance really began. Now Hasbro is bringing it back for a fifth edition. Pre-orders, priced at $59.99, are live now. The game returns to the mass market on July 1.

In Talisman, players take on the role of stock fantasy heroes in the search for a MacGuffin called the Crown of Command. The extremely linear board game takes players around and around a citadel, where they encounter traps and monsters and even battle the other players at the table. It’s an unusual hybrid of action-oriented tabletop role-playing game and something like that Candylandbut a new format that has resonated with generations of casual tabletop game fans.

Polygon contacted Hasbro regarding Friday’s press release. They confirmed that the IP address has not changed hands. Instead, the game is produced under license from Games Workshop. Here’s the official description:

In the game, players embark on an epic adventure as they race to be the first to obtain a Talisman, reach the Crown of Command in the center of the board, and defeat the Elder Dragon to win. With a wide range of characters to choose from and a huge world of possible scenarios plus an easy-to-use, revised 5e Edition Rulebook, this strategy game offers limitless adventures!

While the game retains the traditional spiral game board, new cover art was revealed featuring a crumbling staircase leading to a glowing crown as giant statues of gilded heroes look on. Product photos also show 12 plastic miniatures for each of the 12 character classes included. More information is promised in the coming weeks. For now, we only have the gallery of images below.