Tacky bride slammed for ‘worst ever’ wedding favours that cost less than $1: ‘You’re as cheap as they come’

A ‘cheap’ bride has been criticized for her scandalous suggestion of giving guests tinned pasta as wedding favours.

The bride revealed she was on a tight budget and couldn’t afford anything fancy, but hundreds of people criticized her ‘tacky’ move.

“Has anyone made canned foods like macaroni and cheese for wedding favors?” the bride asked in a popular Facebook wedding planning group.

‘I know it’s not super healthy, but I’m going for something fun and out-of-the-box. All I know is that canned food is cheaper than real wedding favors ($0.58 vs. $3.40).”

Some commented that it was understandable that they wanted an affordable wedding, but that she would probably be ‘shunned’ if she gave out supermarket brand macaroni and cheese.

A ‘cheap’ bride has been criticized for her scandalous suggestion of giving guests tinned pasta as wedding favours

The bride added, “I’m trying to cut costs and honestly think ribbon and a hundred cans of food would be fine. And if people don’t take them, I have a supply!’

A few revealed there were better ways to offer affordable wedding favors.

“Instead, you could place a card at each table that says, ‘We appreciate your presence at our wedding. We know everyone is trying to clean up, so instead of favors, food has been donated in your name,” one person suggested.

“My favorite wedding favor was a ‘sleeve’ of soup. The dehydrated ingredients to make a pot of soup with the instructions, it was great but it also looked nice and came from a local vendor,” another shared.

A third said: ‘If you want something cheap that people might like, make popcorn and put it in an iridescent bag. I would be excited to see a cute bag of buttered, caramel or cheddar popcorn on my table.”

Others dismissed the idea altogether, with some claiming they would even take their presents home with them.

“This is so gross,” one person wrote. “You can’t be serious.”

“If I put a bow on a can of spaghetti or baby potatoes, I would laugh,” said one woman.

‘Why does it have to be canned? Like beans? Corn? I would think it was tasteless. It’s better than the stupid shot glasses and monograms, but I also think those are stupid and tasteless. Best favor? Chocolate,” said another.

But not everyone had a problem with the budget-friendly idea.

“I’d probably be fine leaving with a box of macaroni cheese and a stupid monogram with something I’ll never use again,” one man said.

“In this day and age of inflation and jobs that don’t pay a living wage, I think this would be cool,” another added.