Sydneysiders were horrified when restaurant workers wheeled pieces of uncovered raw chicken through Ultimo

Disgusting moment as restaurant workers cross the street raw chicken as the juice oozes from an uncovered container

  • The workers were seen walking in Ultimo, Sydney
  • The pair wheeled around a box of uncovered raw chicken
  • Social media users labeled ‘disgusting’

Sydneysiders were horrified after seeing two people driving down the street with uncovered raw chicken.

The pair were seen crossing the road at the corner of Mountain Street and Broadway, in the Sydney suburb of Ultimo.

A photo of the pair was shared to Reddit on Sunday, claiming the duo were heading to a restaurant with a piece of meat.

The photo shows pieces of raw chicken thigh fillets piled up in a white plastic container perched precariously on a transport cart.

Juices from the raw chicken spill onto the footpath, with a stream of liquid seeping from the corner of the container.

The two restaurant workers were spotted driving uncovered raw chicken through Ultimo, an inner-city Sydney suburb (pictured)

Social media users labeled the sight “disgusting,” with many claiming that the restaurant should be given a name and shame.

“All the bacterial juices just seep out with the person carrying it around.” F**k that,” one person wrote.

“Disgusting that they can open a restaurant and not care that they make so many people sick,” another person commented.

“If you know the restaurant, report it to the food authority. That can make someone very sick,” said a third person.

One user joked that they finally figured out ‘how’ and not ‘why’ the chicken crossed the road.

“Diced,” one person replied. While another wrote: ‘with salmonella.’

A third quipped, “Don’t forget the bit of E. coli.”

Others defended the workers, claiming they’ve seen worse food safety violations than the uncovered raw chicken.

“As someone who works in many restaurants in Sydney, this is probably the least concerning food safety breach I have ever seen,” one person wrote.

‘As someone who used to deliver “fresh” meat to restaurants and takeaways, this isn’t even the worst I’ve seen. Not that bad,’ another commented.

A third added: ‘As someone who has been to almost every takeaway kitchen in Adelaide I can assure you it’s much worse than you can imagine.’

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand have strict guidelines for transporting food within premises and between locations.

Social media users labeled the unsanitary practice as 'disgusting' and were horrified by the liquid dripping from the container onto the footpath

Social media users labeled the unsanitary practice as ‘disgusting’ and were horrified by the liquid dripping from the container onto the footpath

Below the Food safety practices and general requirements, companies must transport food in a way that keeps it ‘safe and suitable’.

Safe transport means protecting the food from contamination and, if it is a potentially dangerous food, keeping it at a safe temperature.

Potentially hazardous foods – including raw chicken – are defined as foods that must be kept at certain temperatures to minimize the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.

The guideline explains that raw meat must be kept cold – 5C or colder – during transport.

It also suggests companies protect food from contamination by keeping it covered at all times.