Sydney Harbour bridge police operation: Traffic slows to a standstill, major delays

  • Police operation on the Sydney Harbor Bridge
  • The northbound and southbound lanes were closed

A police operation is underway on the Sydney Harbor Bridge, causing lengthy traffic delays as two lanes are closed.

As of 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, one northbound lane and one southbound lane were closed.

Live Traffic is urging motorists to exercise caution and expect delays during their commute.

“The traffic is at a standstill, nothing is moving and the commute across the bridge can take up to an hour. Work from home if possible,” says a local resident.

‘It’s chaos, cars trying to avoid traffic and cutting off others to enter the Port Tunnel, which is now also secured. He hasn’t moved for over 20 minutes and you can’t turn around once you’re already on the highway.

‘It’s car mageddon out there – and drivers are getting really frustrated!’

Traffic will be backed up from 7am until the Anzac Bridge.

There is no threat to the safety of the community.

Two lanes are closed on the Sydney Harbor Bridge due to a police operation (pictured)