Swiggy HDFC Bank credit card reviews cashback plan: Everything you need to know

In a move that sets it apart from other banks currently cutting credit card rewards, Swiggy’s HDFC Bank credit card is introducing a revised cashback structure. This new structure will come into effect on June 21.

Revised cashback benefits

From June 21, the way cashback is handled will change significantly. Instead of the cashback appearing as Swiggy Money on the Swiggy app, it will now appear directly on your credit card statement. This means that the cashback immediately reduces your statement balance for the following month.

Immediate balance reduction: Cashback earned will reduce your next month’s statement balance.

Monthly update: If your statement is generated on the 21st of each month, the cashback you earned in the previous month will appear on that statement.

An HDFC Bank spokesperson noted, “These changes have been made to help you keep track of your finances more easily and use your cashback more efficiently.”

Till June 20, the cashback will continue to appear in your Swiggy app as usual.

No change in rewards

The cashback rewards remain unchanged. Here’s a quick overview:

10% cashback: On all Swiggy app transactions.

5% cashback: About online spending.

1% cashback: On other categories.


For those with cashback already credited as Swiggy Money, it will remain valid for one year. Users have until June 21, 2025 to redeem their balance via the Swiggy app.

What is Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card?

The Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card is designed to provide benefits to Swiggy app users and those who shop online. Cardholders can earn cashback on Swiggy app transactions, online shopping and even offline purchases. Additionally, as a welcome benefit, new cardholders will receive a free Swiggy One membership for three months. This card is a result of the collaboration between HDFC Bank and Swiggy and specifically targets their customer base.

Fees and costs

Participation and renewal fees: Rs 500 plus applicable taxes.

Exemption from costs: Spend Rs 2,00,000 or more in a year before your credit card renewal date to get the renewal fee waived.

However, certain transactions are excluded from the expenditure of Rs 2,00,000 eligible for the fee waiver, including:

Cash on demand

Balance transfer

Cash withdrawal

No cashback will be accrued for the following transactions:

Wallet loaded

Rental payments

Government-related transactions




All types of EMI

Cash advances

Purchase of travellers’ cheques

Purchase of foreign currency and costs

Interest charges and penalties

Any other categories as decided from time to time

These exclusions also apply to offline expenses.

Key learning points

Enhanced benefits: Ideal for Swiggy users and online shoppers.

Free Swiggy One Membership: Available for three months after activation.

Reimbursements and exemptions: Manage your expenses to potentially waive the renewal fee.

First print: May 24, 2024 | 9:49 am IST