I swapped souls with an alien when I was near death at eight years old – my parents noticed my personality completely changed

A woman has claimed she is a ‘starseed’ after ‘exchanging souls’ with an alien when she had a near-death experience at the age of eight.

Business consultant Kelly Tyler, 42, from Surbiton, London, joined Ben Shephard and Cat Deeley on This Morning to discuss her unusual story and explain how it all came about when she became extremely ill with whooping cough.

She said, “I lost all my weight, the doctors said, ‘She’s not going to make it,’ and at that point, when me and these exchanged souls, it was called a walk-in.”

A walk-in occurs when a person’s original soul has left their body and been replaced by a new, different soul.

She added, “That’s what happened, and now I’m a starseed, but I wasn’t born with it, like most people usually are.”

Kelly Tyler, from Surbiton, London, revealed she ‘swapped souls’ with an alien when she had a near-death experience aged eight

Kelly admitted that she doesn’t like to call her soul an alien because there are “too many stigmas attached to the word.” That’s why she uses the term ‘starseed’.

Starseeds are individuals who believe they have come to Earth from other dimensions to help heal the planet and lead humanity into the ‘golden age’ – a period of great happiness, prosperity and achievement.

Kelly added, “There is a fear of aliens and typically starseeds are here to help humanity. When we reincarnate as humans, we are here to remember what it is like to be human, to connect with their natural senses rather than distract.

“Our role is not to make you look outside of humanity, it is to help you reconnect with who you really were, with nature, with animals and with ourselves.”

“Most starseeds incarnate at birth, so their soul is born as a starseed, but when I was a child, I was not born as a starseed.”

Kelly explained that her grandmother caught her talking to “Tom,” who no one else could see.

Kelly joined Ben Shephard and Cat Deeley on This Morning to discuss the phenomenon on Monday

Kelly joined Ben Shephard and Cat Deeley on This Morning to discuss the phenomenon on Monday

The business consultant, 42, explained that she became extremely ill with whooping cough at the age of eight and was then offered a new soul.

The business consultant, 42, explained that she became extremely ill with whooping cough at the age of eight and was then offered a new soul.

She said: ‘As a child I was very sensitive, I would take a bath and get spots, my lips would pop up, quite a sick child. The world was also too sensitive for me. I would sit at the bottom of my garden with insects instead of interacting with people, it was just too much.”

‘Tom was just someone who was here before, he’s passed away now. He looked like a real person, I felt like I could touch him, he felt very normal to me.

‘So I developed a relationship with this creature from the age of seven at the end of my garden. He appeared as a light, then he began to show himself more and we had a truly comforting telepathic relationship.

‘I often wrote about it and gave the stories to my parents and they thought: ‘What an active imagination this child has.’

Kelly explained that her soul went to Arcturus, the brightest star in the northern constellation, and the fourth brightest star in the night sky.

She discovered where she came from through ‘astral travel’ – an out-of-body experience that occurs when you are in a deep meditative state.

She said: ‘I look back on my life, it’s like looking at my life in pictures. “I have no emotional connection to the fact that I was there, I have no emotional memory of the fact that I was not even eight years old.”

Doctors said it was ‘a miracle’ when the eight-year-old began miraculously recovering from the disease.

After swapping souls with another being, Kelly claimed her personality had completely changed.

‘I went back to school, I had to catch up because I was away for about six months, but I lost my allergies, didn’t have kidney failure and my intellect also changed.

“I wouldn’t say my parents would never say I was stupid, but I went from not being that smart to doing things that I could do.

‘I passed an entrance exam for a private school, they thought I had no chance of being admitted. My social skills improved, I became less shy and introverted, big changes were happening and no one could figure out why. ‘

Explaining why people have been given Starseed souls, Kelly explained that they see a “tipping point where humanity needs support” and Starseeds and helps people reconnect with what it means to be human.

She said: ‘We want people to have more compassion for other sentient beings, to work together in harmony.

“It’s about helping people with the ability to reconnect with themselves and raise the frequency of the planet.”

Kelly said she can visit other planets and is connected to Earth by a “purple umbilical cord.”

She added: “I was told not to come back here again [another planet] because your duty is on earth, stop being distracted and come back when your mission comes.”

Kelly said her goal is not to convince other people about Starseeds, but to help people connect with themselves.

What is a starseed?

Starseeds believe that they are conduits between divine realms and Earth and that they can transport between star systems.

Starseeds also believe they can communicate in ‘light language’ – a form of communication said to bypass human limitations.

The idea is widely attributed to author Brad Steiger, who wrote about the unknown phenomenon in his 1976 book Gods of Aquarius.

There are several ways to determine if you are a starseed, including:

Looking for meaning in life

Feeling like you don’t belong

Being spiritual and having a strong sense of intuition

More empathetic and sensitive

More physical and mental health problems

Wanting to help humanity

Overwhelmed by life on earth and recharged by spending time alone

Source: Theconversation.com

Speaking to Mail Online, Kelly said: ‘I find the human race very frustrating, not least because there is so much potential that we are not tapping into. We all have the ability to ‘see’ or ‘feel’ other dimensions, but can only do this by raising our consciousness.

‘How are you doing this? It is very simple: live a life based on joy and love, immersed in nature and in service to others.”

Kelly revealed that her partner knows where she’s coming from, but

‘Richard and I met in 2014 after being introduced by a mutual friend. I was drawn to his dynamic energy and grounded presence.

“He knew I was a little ‘out there,’ and when I explained I was a starseed, he wasn’t deterred. He just wanted to know more, and he’s open to the idea that there’s more to our universe than we think.

‘The only thing we don’t agree on is that Richard prefers to sleep with the curtains closed. When he’s gone, I keep them open so I can see the stars – and my real home.’

Richard said: While I would like to think I am open to most concepts, the idea of ​​other dimensions and planetary species was not in our school curriculum. I haven’t had direct experience, but I’ll take Kelly’s word for it.

Only our close friends know about Kelly’s origins, so we often look at each other when people say about Kelly, “I’ve never met anyone like you!”