Struggling to nail transitional fashion? Our stylist reveals how to dress when all four season come in one day

I’ve been really confused lately. Every morning I wake up, and one burning question weighs heavily on my thoughts. Is it, you may ask, ‘what will happen if Donald Trump gets back in’?

No, not it. The spring budget? Also not. How on earth am I supposed to wear all of spring’s glorious new trends when it feels like snow-covered Narnia one minute and a relatively balmy day the next?

I threw my puffer jacket in the closet as soon as the sun came out, only to bring it out again the next day. I’m tired of my ripped tights and worn out heels. But due to the mood swings of the weather, I have no idea how to wear my new clothes.

What’s a girl to do? Here’s how to use this spring’s ‘It Items’ when the weather is as unreliable as your most unreliable friend…

Off-white for a denim update

Jeans, £90,

Jeans, £45, river

Jeans, £45, river

I won’t take the shorts out of the closet until the summer, but a fresh spring update on jeans? I’m ready. Meet the ecru jeans, as seen on the spring/summer catwalk of Proenza Schouler.

NOT white. Never in fashion has there been a more important distinction than that between ecru and white. White jeans speak of the kind of person who considers an annual holiday to Mustique a human right.

Ecru, on the other hand, will infuse the jeans-and-jacket formula you’ve been wearing all winter with a spring-like freshness. Stay away from skinny.

It’s a mom jeans or a cropped kick flare. Nothing more and nothing less.

Flash an ankle with a boat shoe

Miu Miu sent boat shoes onto the spring/summer 2024 catwalk

Miu Miu sent boat shoes onto the spring/summer 2024 catwalk

Shoes, £55.99,

Shoes, £55.99,

Now step out in sandals or anything even remotely foot exposed and you might as well call the local emergency room beforehand to warn them that you’re going to be checking in for hypothermia.

But if you’re so tired of your winter boots that you’re thinking about risking it, you’ll be happy to know that there’s an easier, if unexpected, workaround.

Join the shoe trend that no one saw coming. The boat shoe. Yes that’s right.

Miu Miu sent them onto the SS24 runway and now they’ve been co-opted by the street style crowd, losing their red chino associations.

The key to looking like a cool ’80s prepster in the Hamptons, as opposed to a Surrey dad at a barbecue, is to choose a pair with a chunky sole.

Timberland’s ‘Noreen’ style is the original (£180,, but Zara also has a version for £55.99 ( Wear with your ecru kick-flare jeans for a little hint of ankle that reminds you of the summer ahead.

Go boho – with a waistcoat

Waistcoat, £260,

Waistcoat, £260,

Blue waistcoat, £125,

Blue waistcoat, £125,

In February, Chemena Kamali presented her very first collection as creative director of Chloé. The consensus after the show was unanimous: seventies-esque boho is back, with flowing printed dresses at the helm.

How do you wear yours now? Place your wool turtleneck underneath and your cardigans over it. Extra points if you put on the cardigan, Sienna Miller in 2006 style (she was front row at the Chloé show in February).

For extra cold days, add another layer in the form of a woolen vest. The fashion crowd buys them from the sustainable brand By Soren (

Yes, your short-sleeved summer dresses may have to wait in the wings for a while. But long sleeves? Layers are their best friend.

Spring for an It jacket

Jacket, £129,

Jacket, £129,

I emptied the pockets of my puffer jacket before prematurely putting it away and finding a winter supply of tissues and crushed dog biscuits.

It didn’t exactly fill me with the joys of spring. Something that will happen? Spring’s It jacket.

Well, it’s not really a jacket. It is a padded jacket with print. But when paired with knitwear (again, don’t pack that yet) it’s just the right amount of warmth. T

The fashion elite wear the £500+ versions from New York brand Sea, but Boden has a reversible version with a beautiful Liberty-esque floral patchwork on one side and a sober blue floral print on the other (£145,

La Redoute offers another reversible option for £75 ( And Mint Velvet has a boxy jacket for £129 (

Size up for extra coolness and to be able to wear a thick knit underneath.

Clash with your seasons for instant cool

Earrings, € 17.99, mango.  com

Bag, £110,

LR: Earrings, £17.99, mango. com; Bag, £110,

Your cashmere scarf (and even hat, dare we say it) may not be registering for the summer holidays just yet.

But when placed next to accessories, the reserve of warm May days usually gives you the best of both worlds and indicates that, while not delusional, you are at least hopeful for days without chilblains. Possibly.

Accessories are an easy way to indulge in springtime joy: slip Mango’s £17.99 floral earrings ( under a beanie or nestle J. Crew’s cute raffia heart bag (£110, under a brolly. The coolness lies in the absurdity.