Stephen A. Smith fires back at Draymond Green for the NBA star’s comments on Shaq’s podcast

  • Green told Shaquille O’Neal on Wednesday. that Smith had turned his back on him
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ESPN NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith has fired back at Warriors star Draymond Green for his comments on Shaquille O’Neal’s on the ‘First Take’ co-host’s comments regarding the basketball player’s infamous ban last fall following an incident with Suns center Jusuf Nurkic.

Smith cut an emotional figure with the ‘Worldwide Leader’ on Thursday and wasted no time in attacking Green, just 24 hours after the four-time NBA champion told O’Neal on ‘The Big Podcast with Shaq’ that he ‘p* went there away and lost ‘a lot of respect’ for the veteran sports journalist because of what he said about his on-field fight with Nurkic in December, which resulted in an indefinite ban for the 34-year-old forward. Green eventually returned after sitting out Golden State’s 12 regular-season games.

For the record, Smith was one of the few media personalities to defend Green during his time out of the league, describing the four-time All-Star as a “good guy” while others claimed he needed help to cope with his erratic behavior control games. . Since turning pro in 2012, Green’s had 21 career ejections, which puts him eight behind NBA record holder Rashee Wallace.

“I saw what Draymond Green said about me,” Smith first said to begin his rant, later adding on “First Take,” “Well, I’ve lost respect for him now.

“Listen, Draymond and I… I will never hate him. I will never have anything but love for him. But I don’t respect what he did. You know my number. You’ve talked to me before. Why am I hearing about it on Shaq’s podcast?

Stephen A. Smith launched a tirade against Draymond Green on ESPN’s “First Take” on Thursday.

Green claimed Smith

Green claimed Smith “p*ssed” him on Shaquille O’Neal’s podcast on Wednesday. on the NBA analyst’s thoughts on his indefinite suspension in December following his on-court fight with Jusuf Nurkic

“It would have been nice if Shaq had responded to this and said, ‘Yo, this is Stephen A. you’re talking about. This brother always defends you.” It would have been nice if Shaq had done that, but he does what he does. And you know what, he’s not a journalist like me, so I understand that.

‘[…] The most important point to point out is that we’re talking about, you know, we’re talking about being men. I’m not hard to find…

“Draymond could have called me. Draymond could have had a conversation with me.

“I don’t need to find that out on Shaq’s podcast and the world knows he’s wrong…

‘I have not done that. You’re going to take a big bite… Do you know how many positive things I’ve said about Draymond Green? Do you know how many times I’ve defended Draymond Green? About his character in the league office, in the media, in the newsroom, on podcasts, in various interviews I’ve done?!

“I never failed to support him… And all I’m saying is, if you get a problem with me, let a brother know.”

“First Take” co-host Molly Qerim defended Green and asked Smith if he had the courtesy to warn the former NBA Defensive Player of the Year about his shots that could have potentially hurt him in the past.

“I always text or call,” Smith replied.