Starfield walkthrough and guides

No one ever said The Last Frontier would be this much of a read, but hey, no one ever was. Star Field, the latest giga-RPG from Bethesda Game Studios, theoretically consists of exploring an inhabited expanse of the Milky Way. Sometimes you do it from the cockpit of a spaceship or while wandering the plains of an unexplored exoplanet. Sometimes you do this by going through about 871 different menus.

But if there is one thing Star Field nails are the mood. No textual clutter can distract from the feeling you are in fucking space. You can open a star map, select a star system that only NASA nerds have heard of, point your ship at it, and go. You even get a jetpack – a “boost pack” in Star Field language – which proves once and for all that few things are cooler than hopscotch in low gravity.

Yet despite science fiction’s impeccable and often wonderful setting, Star Field can be a lot to take into account.

This is where we come in. If you’re confused by the character creator, we’ve broken down all the backgrounds and traits to help you determine your ideal explorer. Our beginner’s guide can show you the ropes, while our recommendations on what to do first can point you in the right direction. When you reach an inevitable turning point in the campaign, we also explain which mission to choose.

We have also developed a level 101 program on the many lessons Star Field refuses to teach you. We’ve explained how fast travel actually works and how to convincingly convince yourself to get yourself out of trouble. We’ll also teach you how to transport more stuff – everyone loves stuff in the future, apparently – and where to see it on your spaceship.

There’s also a puzzling futuristic lockpicking mini-game. Go figure.

The space may require more reading material than expected, but it’s ultimately worth it. After all, venturing into the unknown starts with one small step.