Stardew Valley’s expected 1.6 update is coming in March

Stardew Valley‘s long-awaited 1.6 patch finally has a release date: March 19 according to developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone. Originally released in 2016, the game has sold more than 30 million copies and is thriving “more than ever.” Barone posted a message on X, formerly Twitter, on Monday. And the new patch, which will bring a lot of new content to the beloved life and farming simulator, will once again breathe new life into it Stardew Valley on his eighth birthday.

Patch 1.6 will be released on March 19 for Windows PC players, and “as soon as possible” thereafter for console and mobile. “With a new update on the horizon, a global concert tour underway, an official cookbook coming soon, and now over 30 million copies sold, Stardew Valley is flourishing more than ever,” says Barone. “As always, I am eternally grateful to the players (you!) for making this all possible.”

Last year, Barone previewed the update: Stardew Valley is expected to get a new major festival and two mini-festivals, expanded late-game content, new items and crafting recipes, more than 100 lines of dialogue, additional winter outfits for villagers, multiplayer support for eight players, a new farm type, And new secrets to discover. Barone has said that before Stardew Valley‘s 1.6 update will make the game easier and “more powerful” to modify. He took a break from his upcoming in 2023 Harried chocolatier, which he started developing in 2020, to complete the 1.6 update. Once it’s through the door, Barone expects to head back Harried chocolatierwhich he again develops himself.

Stardew Valley‘s 1.5 patch was released in 2020 and was the biggest update since its release in 2016. Subsequently, Barone added an entirely new island to the game, as well as events, puzzles, a new farm, and much more. It’s unclear how the 1.6 update compares in terms of size, but now that the release date has been announced, the hype is louder than ever.

As Barone said: Stardew Valley is still as successful as ever. The orchestral concert tour goes around the world, a board game version has been made of it, and a Stardew Valley cookbook coming this year.