Spencer Leniu’s brother posts shocking response to Ezra Mam racism scandal as he mocks Latrell Mitchell’s outrage after Las Vegas incident

  • Spencer Leniu’s brother posted about the racism scandal
  • He shared a four-word response to the NRL saga
  • Leniu is accused of calling Ezra Mam “a monkey.”

Spencer Leniu’s brother has further fueled the NRL’s racism scandal after posting a shocking four-word insult in response to criticism of the Roosters star.

Leniu, 23, is said to have called Brisbane Broncos rival Ezra Mam ‘a monkey’ during their match at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Sunday.

Rather than denying the accusation outright, Leniu told Triple M after the match: “I tI think it’s all fun and games when we’re on the field. That is it.

When Leniu was further asked if he was concerned about the possible consequences, he replied: “Not concerned at all.”

The alleged incident sparked an outpouring of support for Mam, with Latrell Mitchell leading the way on Sunday night. He urged the NRL to ‘deal with this s***’ after being subjected to racist abuse by a fan last year.

Spencer Leniu’s brother has posted a four-word response to the racism scandal

Roosters star Leniu is accused of directing a racial slur at a Broncos player on Sunday

Roosters star Leniu is accused of directing a racial slur at a Broncos player on Sunday

But Paris Leniu, Spencer’s brother, says Rugby League Reportposted a grim response on social media.

Along with a screenshot of Mitchell’s comment, Leniu wrote, “The whole tribe is crying,” with two crying emojis and two monkey emojis.

Hostilities between the two teams continued after the match at the Hilton hotel, where both clubs were staying.

Leniu again clashed with Broncos players in a hallway of the Vegas hotel where both teams were staying.

The Roosters forward met Mam and his teammates Pat Carrigan and Kotoni Staggs and launched into a tirade against Mam about the accusation he made, News Corp said.

Carrigan got between the pair and a Roosters official removed Leniu from the confrontation, the publication reported.

The Sydney Morning Herald has revealed that both teams confirmed there was an altercation, but insisted it was verbal in nature.

Indigenous South Sydney half Cody Walker called out Leniu on social media, sharing the image of that interview with the caption: “Fun and games they count.”

Gammin or gammon is an Aboriginal word meaning fake, cheap or broken.

Indigenous South Sydney star Latrell Mitchell also backed the Broncos half after the incident, posting: ‘I’m behind you bala @ezra mom. @NRL better handle this s**t.

Tensions are high between the Broncos and Roosters after Sunday's match

Tensions are high between the Broncos and Roosters after Sunday’s match

Mom’s superstar teammate Reece Walsh also supported the half after the incident, writing: “I always have my brother.”

After the game, Broncos coach Kevin Walters said Mom was visibly upset about the incident.

“He’s quite upset in there but we’ll leave that to the police and the NRL,” Walters said.

‘We support Ezra and our player with everything surrounding it. He is adamant. We’ll leave it to the NRL. They look at it.

‘We certainly do not accept that within our club. It’s not our fault. We won’t answer any more questions about it other than to say we support Ezra in any way we can. We respect the NRL, and they will deal with it.”

Roosters coach Trent Robinson did not want to be involved in the matter.

“I have no comment on it, I don’t know what happened,” he said.

“Ezra is adamant, but that doesn’t mean it’s right. He filed the complaint, but that doesn’t mean it’s right. It will go through a formal process as it should be.”