Solar Eclipse 2024 LIVE: Updates, start time and everything you need to know about the April 8 celestial event

Looking directly at the sun, buying NASA-approved eclipse glasses and driving are the three top things experts are doing ahead of Monday’s total solar eclipse.

Even brief exposure to the sun’s light can lead to permanent eye damage because the light-sensitive cells that line the inner lining of your eye are highly sensitive to the intense light and heat generated by the sun.

Direct exposure can kill these cells, which will not naturally regrow in the same way as other cells in the body.

But be careful which eclipse-safe glasses you decide to trust. NASA does not endorse any specific brand of solar binoculars, so NASA branding is a sure sign that your glasses are fake.

Last month, the American Astronomical Society (AAS) warned that counterfeit solar eclipse glasses were flooding the US market.

Many sellers fraudulently use the branding of agencies such as the AAS or NASA to appear legitimate.

However, they may not provide you with the right level of protection and could lead to serious eye damage if used.

And finally, get off the road. Even for the most vigilant drivers, the complete disappearance of the sun will be a significant distraction.

As the moon’s shadow sweeps across the Earth, areas will suddenly plunge into darkness and shadows will become strangely distorted.