SNY announcer Gary Cohen goes viral for hilarious fed-up reaction at New York Mets when he thought he was off-camera during a rain delay: ‘He does NOT want to be at Citi Field tonight!’

  • Cohen threw the SNY feed to commercial during Tuesday’s rain delay
  • When he thought he was out of the picture, Cohen’s expression quickly changed
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Maybe it was the two-hour rain delay, the New York Mets’ 0-4 start, or an awkward, lingering camera shot by the SNY crewbut award-winning broadcaster Gary Cohen was clearly in no mood to be at Citi Field in Queens on Tuesday night.

Sitting next to former Mets first baseman, 1979 National League MVP and fellow announcer Keith Hernandez, Cohen instructed his audience to go get some food while the umpires decided whether or not to call Tuesday’s game against the visiting Detroit Tigers Delay.

“Have as many snacks as you can and try to eat enough,” Cohen said awkwardly as he tried to fill the empty airtime left by the rain delay.

Both Cohen and Hernandez then sat with frozen expressions on their faces as the SNY cameras remained trained on their gaze. The grinning Cohen took a few off-screen glances, presumably to see when he was off-screen.

Unfortunately for Cohen, he was still in full view when his smile fell away to reveal an exhausted, frustrated and irritated expression, much to the delight of Hernandez and Mets fans at home.

Gary Cohen (left) is seen smiling next to his SNY broadcast partner Keith Hernandez (right)

Cohen's expression disappears the moment he thinks he's off camera during Tuesday's rain delay

Cohen’s expression disappears the moment he thinks he’s off camera during Tuesday’s rain delay

A visibly irritated Cohen turns away from the camera as Hernandez continues to smile

A visibly irritated Cohen turns away from the camera as Hernandez continues to smile

“The Mets will do that to you,” one fan wrote on X.

‘I love it!’ added another. “He’s one of us.”

One fan agreed with Cohen’s response to the team’s sad start: “It’s going to be a very long season.”

The game was ultimately postponed until Thursday.

Right-hander Adrian Houser, acquired from Milwaukee in a December trade, was scheduled to make his Mets debut on Tuesday and was also postponed to Wednesday night instead.

In New York City, showers fell all day and the tarp was never removed from the infield of Citi Field. With persistent rain forecast Wednesday, which could also jeopardize that evening’s game, the teams waited nearly two hours before Tuesday night’s game was canceled.

‘We have no control over the weather. So in an ideal world we get the games when we need to play the games,” Hinch said about four hours before the postponement. “I think the biggest and most important thing is not to waste pitching.”

Under Carlos Mendoza, the Mets are 0-4 for the first time since losing their starting five in 2005

Under Carlos Mendoza, the Mets are 0-4 for the first time since losing their starting five in 2005

Detroit is 4-0 for its best start since opening with six wins in 2015. All four wins have come: two in overtime and the first three (against the Chicago White Sox) by one run.

Under new manager Carlos Mendoza, the Mets are 0–4 for the first time since losing their first five games in 2005. They also had a rookie manager that season: Willie Randolph.

“You hate going through it. You hate to see it, especially the way we played. They know. They know we are better than that,” Mendoza said. ‘But at the same time, it’s not the first time they’ve experienced this. It just so happens to be the first four games of the season. And everything we experienced this past weekend was not what we expected. “But again, we’re confident that the guys we have in that room will get back on their feet quickly.”

New York was rained out for the second time this season after last week’s opener against Milwaukee was postponed a day to Friday.

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