Six-year-old British girl is taken from Tenerife hotel pool and rushed to hospital 50 minutes after lifeguard left

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A six-year-old British girl was taken from a hotel pool in Tenerife, Spain, 50 minutes after a lifeguard left, according to reports.

Local police launched an investigation into the incident at the Granada Park Aparthotel last week.

The horror happened on May 9 at around 6.50pm in Los Cristianos, on the south-west coast of Tenerife.

Investigators are now trying to determine where the young girl’s parents were at the time and why there was no lifeguard at the pool, according to local reports.

Emergency services received a call requesting medical attention for the girl who had been rescued from the pool by several other guests and staff.

The incident took place on May 9 at around 6.50pm at the swimming pool of the Granada Park Aparthotel in Los Cristianos (pictured), on the south-west coast of Tenerife.

According to Canarian weeklyThe girl was conscious and very scared when a nearby police unit arrived on the scene.

The girl appeared to be drowning when rescuers intervened to pull her from the pool.

Rescuers reportedly performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the girl as soon as she was pulled from the water.

Police said that “within moments” two motorcyclists and two patrol vehicles arrived on the scene, along with a doctor and a first aid worker.

Ambulances then took the girl to a nearby medical center.

There she was diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia, which is caused by someone inhaling fluid into the airways of the lungs.

Hospital staff were able to stabilize her, but due to the severity of her condition, she has since been transferred to the pediatric emergency department of a university hospital.

The girl has been rescued, police report. Her current condition is unknown.

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