Simple iPhone hack lets you FaceTime people who own an ANDROID


  • FaceTime has a 'Link' option to invite Android users to a video call
  • FaceTime links don't expire unless the creator deletes them
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Switching from an Android device to an iPhone is not the only way to communicate with your friends via Facetime with an unknown hack making it possible.

With the iOS 15 update, iPhone owners can invite their Android friends and family to join a Facetime call by opening the app and creating a join link.

Tapping a person's name to join a video call still isn't an option, but right after you open the Facetime app, there are two options at the top of the screen: “Create Link” and “New Facetime.”

iPhone users can create a FaceTime link for Android users to join a video call. The call link will open in your Android browser.

A notification below “Create Link” says iPhone users can select the button to invite anyone to make a call, even Android users and Windows devices.

The feature works similarly to a Zoom call – once you select the link, an option will appear to add names to the link and after selecting the person's name, a transcript will be automatically generated for that person with the attached link.

When an Android user clicks on the link, the FaceTime call will launch in either the Chrome or Edge website browser.

Other browsers like Firefox and Samsung may not recognize the link and instead fill out an error message.

As with iPhone-to-iPhone texting groups, users can name the FaceTime group before sending the link by selecting the “Add Name” option and typing a name like “Family Call,” “Book Club,” or “Girls Night.” ,' For example but not limited to.

The creator of the FaceTime link can add a name to the group explaining what the call is about.

The creator of the FaceTime link can add a name to the group explaining what the call is about.

The feature also tries to compete with other video calling options like Google Meets or Zoom by including a calendar option to schedule FaceTime calls in advance.

By selecting the “Add” or “+” icon at the top of Apple's Calendar app, iPhone users can type “video call” in the location bar and select FaceTime or paste the generated link for non-iPhone users directly into the app.

You can share the link with others by opening the FaceTime app where the next scheduled call will be synced from the calendar and can be shared directly.

The great thing about the hack is that, unlike other video calls, the links don't automatically expire, so you can keep using the same link for all future calls with the same people.

If you want to disable the link, the person who created the link will have to delete it by swiping left on the link name across the app's home screen and selecting the Delete button.

Users can also delete the link by clicking on the “i” icon on the right side of the tab and then selecting “Delete Link”.

However, once the link is established, this is the time for Android users to shine and start a FaceTime call.

Once you have the FaceTime link, Android users can bookmark it in their browser and click the Join button which will send a notification to the iPhone user who created the link.

The iPhone user will see a notification that “Someone has asked to join,” and can then tap the notification to start the call initiated by a non-Apple user.

Apple introduced the FaceTime Link option at its Worldwide Developers Conference in March 2021, but somehow, it's still one of Apple's best-kept secrets.

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