Silent Hill: The Short Message is out now

In a surprising revelation, Konami finally made the long rumor known Silent Hill: the short message during January’s State of Play showcase. Even more shocking is that the game is free to play And is available from today on PlayStation 5.

Silent Hill Series producer Motoi Okamoto appeared in a video message after the trailer reveal and noted that The short message was the publisher’s “take on contemporary psychological horror.” He then revealed that it would be available to play after the announcement.

The game has been the subject of leaks for years, but has never been officially announced. It didn’t even appear in the 2022 Silent Hill-centric broadcast, which announced multiple titles, including the Bloober Team-led Silent Hill 2 remake (which also received a new trailer during the showcase), Stille Heuvel fAnd Silent Hill: Townfall.

Many of the rumors speculated that it would be a short experience in the style of PT (the demo for the Silent hills game that never was). Video Game Chronicle leaked the first images in 2022, but they were quickly taken offline.

Officially we knew nothing about it The short message up to this point. According to IGN, you play as Anita, who explores a place called The Villa. In the trailer she is not seen with any weapons in her hand, but she is running around with her phone, which is also prominently displayed. Based on a content warning ahead of the trailer, we know it will contain images of adult content, including scenes of attempted self-harm.

It is a very atmospheric and visually striking trailer. Unlike other Silent Hill games, it has a lot of color accents. It also contains many references to Silent Hill, including a score very reminiscent of Akira Yamaoka’s famous one Silent Hill 2 to score.