Shares to Invest in the UK: Tesla, Amazon and More

The past couple of years have been a bit bearish regarding the stock market. For that reason, the experienced investors went through every emotion – from joy to anguish and back and forth. However, as bearish a couple of years have been, the next period looks very promising for investors in the UK. So, here, we will have a closer look at which shares you are best off investing in – from Tesla and Amazon to other options. Read on for more!

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We begin with Amazon, one of the best stocks you can buy in the UK today. We all know about this e-commerce giant, and it dominates the online retail space.

Amazon has its product line and allows third parties to sell their items. One of the reasons why we included Amazon in this list is that it constantly diversifies its business models.

As an example, we have Amazon Prime – a subscription that offers you fast deliveries and access to video streaming services. More than 200 million people subscribe to it monthly, one of the company’s most important revenue drivers. Similarly, many individuals in the Land Down Under turn to find Aussie pokies online at OCA for a thrilling gaming experience and potential rewards when exploring online entertainment options.

In addition, Amazon is an online pharmacy, allowing people to order much cheaper treatments. This sector of the company will undoubtedly continue to grow in the coming years.

Amazon reinvests its profits into the company, so it has continuous growth. Amazon grows all the time in terms of shares, so it has one of the best-performing shares in the industry – boasting better numbers than Google and Microsoft in the process!

888 Holdings

Expanding on the prevalence of the online gambling industry in the UK, certain operators are experiencing remarkable growth, with 888 Holdings standing out prominently. Established in 1997, the company currently owns and operates 888sport, 888casino, and William Hill, showcasing its diverse portfolio within the industry. Listed on the London Stock Exchange, 888 Holdings has consistently been one of the top-performing shares in the UK over the past couple of years, boasting sustained success with annual increases of over 40% in its shares. However, amidst its diverse offerings, Horse Racing also contributes significantly to 888 Holdings’ prominence. From a price perspective, there are compelling reasons to anticipate continued growth for 888 Holdings, suggesting its upward trajectory is just beginning. The pinnacle was reached in 2021 when 888 Holdings’ shares traded at 458p, and considering they have yet to reach those heights again, investing and patiently waiting may be a prudent consideration.


Apple does not need much of an introduction. It is arguably the most recognizable brand globally, and it is the most extensive stock in the US for market capitalization. Even though Apple is already well above the $3 billion valuation, its shareholders believe growth is yet to come.

Apple remains one of the world’s fastest-growing companies, surpassing its competitors – Microsoft and Samsung.

Its main revenue driver is its iPhones, but since the company has diversified its business, it has a 5.5% growth from last year in generated revenue.

We shouldn’t be surprised by that – the monthly subscriptions to the streaming services, revenues from the App Store, the wearables, etc. – they are all factors that will surely develop even further and allow Apple to make significant profits!

Nonetheless, don’t just admire and buy iPhones; look at whether you can invest in the company and generate profits in the long term!

Meta Platforms

We cannot overlook Meta platforms’ growing importance and popularity with each passing year. You and your friends probably use Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and now Threads daily, but of course, you are not the only ones!

Over 3.6 billion people use at least one Meta platform daily, and these numbers are expected to continue growing in the coming years.

As you may know, the most significant chunk of Meta’s profit comes from advertising. In addition, it also diversifies its business mode, investing in virtual and augmented reality.

All in all, social platforms will not stop developing, and their shares will continue to grow. Wherever you are, you cannot do much wrong if you invest here!


If you are one of the investors relying more on dividends than growth, Coca–Cola is the best option for you! The size of its dividend payments increases yearly so you can rely on that stock.

The running dividend is 3.13%, but we fully expect it to increase in the coming period. In addition, investors reinvest their dividends into Coca-Cola, so you have more shares and higher dividend payments each year!


Lastly, Tesla always deserves a mention when discussing shares you can buy in the UK. It is the largest carmaker in the world, with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Its market capitalization is bigger than the vast majority of carmakers in the world, and recent developments in European Union (EU) legislation mean that Tesla’s shares will continue to grow. We mainly mean the EU’s pledge to ban petrol and diesel-backed cars by 2035.

The UK is not in the EU but will follow suit five years earlier. Like all other giants in our list, Tesla generates revenue from other services such as monthly subscriptions, megawatt batteries, solar panel tiles, etc.

Tesla’s shares have grown by over 1,335% in the past five years, which is astonishing. The revenue also increases year after year, so you won’t find many better options to invest in!

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We can say that the companies mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to options you can invest in! However, we see them as leaders in various industries, and we believe that their growth will be unmatched in the coming years.

Hopefully, this is enough for you to get started in the stock exchange world, and these companies will provide a steady profit in the short and long term!