Sex expert reveals exactly why you cry after doing the deed post-coital dysphoria explained

I’m A Sex Expert And I Want You To Know There’s Nothing Weird About “Crying” When You Cum: Here’s Why

  • Up to half of all women have cried after ejaculation
  • It is often not linked to actual negative emotions

Sex experts have revealed exactly why some women burst into tears when they come – claiming it’s a lot more common than people think.

Popularly known as a crymax or crygasm, the team of normal co explained that the sometimes uncomfortable post-coital experience can also manifest itself in nausea or a fit of laughter.

Normal Co is a sex toy company known for their mission to explain the ins and outs of sexual experiences on Instagram.

The back brand sex expert recently revealed their most read article on crying spells.

Experts have revealed why crying after sex isn’t a bad thing — and nearly half of all women have done it

In the story they explained, there’s a difference between crying every now and then “after you feel really close to your partner” or after a hard day.

And cry every time.

“If you regularly find yourself crying during or after sex, or even feeling depressed and anxious for no reason after sex, you may be suffering from post-coital dysphoria,” they say. said.

They explained that PCD has not been studied extensively, but there is evidence that up to half of all women have experienced it.


Do you cry when you come?

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They added that the broad term encompasses any negative reactions felt after sex – before offering their own theories on the matter.

Sex expert Emily Nagoski believes that crying after sex is just the release of emotions – not necessarily good or bad.

“It doesn’t matter what you feel, what matters is how much you feel. People cry with joy but also with sadness. It’s just letting go of intense emotions.”

So if the sex is great, the floodgates of emotions are more likely to open.

The team said if you’re ever concerned about anything you feel during sex, you should see your GP.

The explanation and advice were very popular on Instagram.

“Thank you so much for continuing to drop truths like this. You are saving the world,’ said one woman.

“I have sexual trauma and PTSD. I’ve cried a few times after sex when I had a positive experience with something that used to be very triggering,” said another.

Some even said they experienced the feeling after solo sessions.

Other research looked at other odd things that could be linked, including postcoital headaches, foot pain, and sneezing.