SA cop run down by Ford sedan in Adelaide’s Paralowie


Terrifying moment a cop is run down by a Ford sedan and left ‘screaming in agony’ as the driver attempted to evade capture in a suburban street

  • SA police officer is run down by a car evading capture on a suburban street¬†
  • Officer left lying on the road crying out in pain with severe bruising on his leg
  • The car, which earlier had refused to stop for police, was later found abandoned
  • An unconscious man was found nearby and police are seeing if he was involved







A police officer was left screaming in agony after being run down by a driver trying to avoid capture.

The horrifying scene was caught on film in the northern Adelaide of suburb of Paralowie after police chased a Ford sedan on Monday night and tried to trap the vehicle in a normally quiet suburban street.

With two police cars parked either side of the road to block off the Tolley Close cul-de-sac the car accelerated through the narrow gap slamming into the officer.

‘All we heard was moaning and groaning, we took a quick look and there was this guy. We later found out was a police officer had been hit, it broke one of his legs,’¬†local resident Joshua Smith told 9News.

He watched the car flee on tires that were punctured, leaving trail of black rubber on the road. 

Another local Des Busch said he was sitting in the lounge when he heard a car coming down the street at a ‘fast rate of pace’.

‘The next thing there was a bang and we looked outside and there was police lights everywhere.”¬†

The officer was rushed to Lyell McEwin Hospital with severe bruising on his leg.

An officer has been left screaming in agony after being hit by a car that was fleeing police in suburban Adelaide

An officer has been left screaming in agony after being hit by a car that was fleeing police in suburban Adelaide

Police had tried to stop the blue sedan on nearby Mildara Ave at about 9pm but it sped off. 

The abandoned car was found a short time after running down the officer on Kalimna Crescent also in Paralowie.

Thirty minutes later police responded to reports of a man found unconscious in alleyway off nearby Cawarra Crescent.

Witnesses said the man had tried to open a roller door before heading into the alleyway.  

The 36-year-old was rushed to hospital where he remains in a critical condition. 

Police were investigating whether the man is linked to the hit-and-run of the officer.