Roy Keane slams Liverpool’s back line claiming their ‘defending is like a PUB TEAM’

‘Liverpool’s defense is like a PUB TEAM’: Roy Keane labels Jurgen Klopp’s backline a ‘MESS’ and says they are ‘all over the place’ after Gabriel Martinelli and Gabriel Jesus struck in the first half of the game duel with Liverpool

  • Roy Keane brutally knocked down the Liverpool defense during their game against Arsenal
  • He claimed the Reds ‘defended like a pub team’ after going down 2-0
  • Gabriel Martinelli and Gabriel Jesus gave the home team the lead in the first half

Roy Keane brutally beat down Liverpool’s defense after Jurgen Klopp’s men went down 2-1 against Arsenal in Sunday afternoon’s crucial Premier League game at Anfield.

The leaders got off to a fast start, with Gabriel Martinelli scoring within ten minutes, taking advantage of a terrible mix-up at the back for the home side to tap Alisson Becker into goal.

Gabriel Jesus would put the Gunners 2-0 ahead just 20 minutes later, high above Virgil van Dijk, who watched as Martinelli’s cross sailed over his head, allowing the Arsenal striker to head past the goalkeeper.

It was a dismal start for the Reds defensively and the Sky Pundit didn’t hold back, calling their defenders at halftime.

Really bad defense. Liverpool is not there. No intensity. Jesus is in the center of the coffin,” Keane said.

Roy Keane hit Liverpools

‘Watching Van Dijk’s ball. There is no pressure on the ball. Way too easy for Arsenal. I bet he can’t believe his luck.

“Robertson’s attempts to come back — you have to do better. Liverpool’s defense is like a pub team. They are everywhere. They’re a mess.’

But it was a defensive mishap by their opposition that allowed Mohamed Salah to pull one back for the Reds who tapped in after Arsenal failed to clear their lines as Liverpool kicked the ball into the penalty area.

They would go in 2–1 at half time, but Salah would be called up again just after the break, after Liverpool conceded a penalty.

However, the Egyptian couldn’t level his sideways and pushed his penalty wide of the post, allowing Aaron Ramsdale to breathe a sigh of relief in goal.

But it was a poor start to the Reds’ game, with Arsenal creating several problems for Liverpool on both wings throughout the match.

Speaking of the first goal where Andy Robertson was caught too high up the pitch, also on Sky pundit Micah Richards agreed with Keane but admitted that Arsenal’s wingers, Martinelli and Bukayo Saka had been fantastic.

“It’s because Robertson gets so close. He doesn’t know whether to stay or leave,” he said on Arsenal’s debut. “If you remember the documentary, that’s what they want you to do.

“When you come across a wing forward like Saka at fullback, you sometimes have two minds [whether to go or stay]. But it’s too late. Then he slips.

“You have to talk about Martinelli’s run. He’s been all the way to the left, the center. It’s been a sensational half of football, one of the best I’ve seen this season by far.’

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