Rhode Island head coach Archie Miller wanders onto court and nearly gets FLATTENED by Dayton player in bizarre mishap for former Flyers coach

  • Upon Miller’s return to Dayton, the Rams head coach felt a little too comfortable
  • Miller swung onto the field and was nearly bumped by an opponent
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Archie Miller was Rhode Island’s sixth player on the field against his former team Dayton on Saturday.

While “coaching” from the “sideline,” Miller walked right into the path of Flyers guard Koby Brea as he was collecting a pass close to the Rams’ bench.

It ultimately had no impact on the game, as Brea quickly gathered himself and passed the ball to teammate DaRon Holmes II, who dunked the ball with ease.

Online, some thought Miller should have been sent off for coming so close to the action as head coach, unintentionally or not. Officials merely issued Miller a warning for his actions.

The play also didn’t matter much in the context of the entire match, as Dayton won handily, 96-62.

Miller is undoubtedly an animated coach, but why was he so far away from his team’s bench?

Brea could have easily run into Miller and somehow avoided the Rhode Island head coach

Brea could have easily run into Miller and somehow avoided the Rhode Island head coach

It is common for coaches to come off the bench a bit when the game is on the other side of the room to shout instructions to their players.

Being almost inside the three-point line isn’t common, especially when the action is coming straight at you. It would have been a much bigger mess for the Atlantic 10 to clean up if Miller and Brea had collided.

Saturday’s game also marked Miller’s return to Dayton as Rhode Island’s head coach.

Miller coached the Flyers from 2011 to 2017 and did so well that he left to become head coach at Indiana.

The Hoosiers underperformed under Miller and he has been at the helm of the Rams since 2022.