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REVEALED: How Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey battled with bosses backstage for their final feud in WWE as the Queen of Spades believes fans will ‘appreciate it more later on’

Shayna Baszler was one of the most dominant NXT champions of all time during her time on the legendary black and gold brand, but she has yet to taste the world title on the main roster.

The Submission Magician, a former MMA fighter with a 15-11 record, is on standby in Perth in case any of the women’s Elimination Chamber competitors fail to make the show.

But as one of Triple H’s brightest lights during their NXT days, now that The Game is the big boss, many fans expect more from Baszler.

A breakout moment seemed to have arrived last summer when Baszler enlisted real-life best friend Ronda Rousey at the Money in the Bank event in London.

The O2 Arena erupted for the turn and the pair were off to the races, but not without having to battle backstage for their big moment.

Rousey and Baszler had tasted Tag Team gold in the WWE before eventually parting ways

“I think what made it so great was that it was unexpected,” Baszler began.

‘No one knows this, but Ronda and I actually fought so that we wouldn’t see on television that we were arguing during a match or that we were angry. We didn’t want to have any idea that this was going to happen.

“We had been kind of talking back and forth about that, so when it happened at that moment and the place erupted inside, I was like, ‘Damn, we were right!’

“So that was kind of a personal victory after we fought for that. Ronda and I didn’t lie, we dreamed about that for ten years, that was great.’

Baszler would defeat Rousey in a one-on-one match at SummerSlam, which would prove to be the latter’s last WWE match for a while. However, that meant their feud lasted just under three months.

The pair were friends long before WWE, dating back to their days in MMA and the UFC

The pair were friends long before WWE, dating back to their days in MMA and the UFC

Rousey's last match in WWE was against her best friend, but she didn't want to leave the victor

Rousey’s last match in WWE was against her best friend, but she didn’t want to leave the victor

“I wish we could have done it over a longer period of time, but we were a little pressed for time.

“I’m proud of the work we’ve done and I think people will look back on that in a few years and realize that you won’t find two people – even in the men’s locker room – who can put on a game in the same way . We did that,” Baslzer insisted.

“I understand it was a stadium and we had some limitations, like there was no jumbotron and it’s hard to watch live, but we knew we were doing this for the TV audience.

‘This is something that will certainly be appreciated more later. It was our love letter to MMA in the language of professional wrestling.”

Was Rousey happy that she lost to Baszler and transferred her friend on the way out? Not quite.

Baszler scored a huge win over Rousey at SummerSlam, but hasn't kept that momentum going

Baszler scored a huge win over Rousey at SummerSlam, but hasn’t kept that momentum going

“I think if she lost to anyone, I would be the one she was least unhappy with (laughs).”

Fans looking to see more of Baszler should be in luck with Triple H at the helm.

Not only is The Game a huge supporter of Baszlers, but he has also been a supporter of women’s wrestling within WWE for years.

“I guess the best way to explain it is: Triple H was there during my NXT run and I think, along with the creatives there and myself, I was able to maximize what I’m capable of,” Baszler explained.

‘Now he is more familiar with what I do, who I am, what I say. I think this just makes the process easier. I think the great thing about Triple H is that he was on our side of the creative process.

The communication, he navigates that very well because he has been in our shoes and is now in charge. It’s just an easier process of getting ideas and having some back-and-forth conversations and getting some input into what’s going on.”

WWE Elimination Chamber takes place at Opus Stadium in Perth, Australia. Read more about experiences in Western Australia. Visit WesternAustralia.com.