Republicans Demand Biden Resign Over Claiming GOP Wants To Cut Medicare And Social Security


Republicans are still reeling from a House chamber showdown Tuesday night with President Joe Biden over cuts to Medicare and Social Security, and are demanding he resign.

Florida Senator Rick Scott will post a new ad in Florida starting Wednesday calling on the president to step down.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy accused Biden of making outrageous claims about Republican plans for these entitlement spending programs as “political layering” to “incite” a backlash from Republican lawmakers.

After Biden spent much of his State of the Union address Tuesday night trumpeting that he rebuilt the economy and quelled inflation after the pandemic, he hit a sore point when he claimed Republicans want to “hold the economy hostage.” .

It comes as polls show that most Americans feel they are worse off financially and the economy is in worse shape because of Biden’s policies.

Florida Senator Rick Scott began running an ad Wednesday in his state calling for the resignation of President Joe Biden. Lawmakers are demanding he resign after claiming he is “lying” about the GOP wanting to get rid of Medicare and Social Security.

President Joe Biden earned the biggest reaction of the night when he said:

President Joe Biden earned the biggest reaction of the night when he said, “Some of my Republican friends want to hold the economy hostage…Instead of making the rich pay their fair share, some Republicans want to end to Medicare and Social Security.”

The president’s remarks quickly drew the biggest response of the night from Republicans, who booed, booed, and shouted that he was “lying.”

Biden primarily used Tuesday night’s State of the Union to tout his economic achievements, express optimism for the future and urge Republicans to work with him.

However, it turned into an unusually chaotic night as many Republican lawmakers loudly voiced their anger at some of Biden’s claims, particularly about his administration’s handling of the fentanyl crisis and the economy, to cries of protest. ‘liar!’, ‘it’s all your fault’ and ‘secure the border’.

Biden tried to hit back, continuing to call for bipartisanship, but the message being set to support his likely re-election announcement came under repeated attack.

“Well, the president was trying to incite the members, and the members are passionate about that,” McCarthy told Fox and Friends on Wednesday morning. “But all the president was saying was something he knew wasn’t true. I just spent an hour with him, I’ve said it many times before: Social Security and Medicare are off the table.’

“He’s trying to use that for a political ploy,” the Spokesman alleged. ‘But the only thing we have to be is that we have to be smart. He is trying to play politics with the debt ceiling by not negotiating, by lying about our position. I want to be responsible, I want to be sensible, I want to sit down and work on this problem.’

Scott also said in his ad that Biden is lying about Republicans wanting to cut these programs while avoiding their own responsibilities for them.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was one of the most vocal critics, standing up and yelling 'Liar!'  in the president

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was one of the most vocal critics, standing up and yelling ‘Liar!’ in the president

“Joe Biden just cut $280 billion from Medicare and we know about his 80,000 new IRS agents,” Scott said in his 30-second ad while donning a Navy hat. “But what they don’t know is that Joe Biden also cheated on his taxes and got away with it.”

‘Biden misused a loophole to avoid half a million dollars in taxes that should have gone to Medicare. Now that Biden has ripped off Medicare out of $500,000, he wants to close the loophole and raise taxes on him,” he added.

“I’m Rick Scott, Biden should resign,” the Republican senator concluded.

Scott posted the clip on Twitter Tuesday with the caption: “Here’s my ad coming out tomorrow to welcome Joe to FL – he’s a tax evader and needs to quit.”

He repeated this same message when he spoke to the media after the State of the Union address on Tuesday night, stating that it is time for the president to step down.

During Biden’s remarks before a joint session of Congress, he took aim at the Republicans for the debt ceiling negotiations and their proposals for the economy. Many felt that his comments were intended to elicit some sort of big backlash from Republicans, which he earned.

“Some of my Republican friends want to take the economy hostage, I understand, unless I agree with their economic plans,” the president said during his speech. “All of you back home should know what the plans are: Instead of making the rich pay their fair share, some Republicans want to see an end to Medicare and Social Security.”

“I’m not saying it’s a majority,” he added as some legislators began to boo.

Republicans yelled, while others, like Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, frowned and shook their heads in disapproval.

Firebrand representative Marjorie Taylore Green, dressed in a white dress and white feathered white coat, stood up and yelled accusingly: ‘Liar!’

“Let me give you, who doubts it, contact my office, I will give you a copy of the proposal,” Biden shouted throughout the speech.

“That means that Congress does not vote, I’m glad to see it, no, I’m telling you, I love the conversion,” he insisted.

Rep. Ronny Jackson, once a White House physician, tweeted: ‘Tonight’s State of the Union was ALL LIES! EVERYTHING has gotten worse under Biden.

‘If you REALLY cared about the state of our country, you would resign IMMEDIATELY!’ said the Texas congressman.