Pro-Palestinian protesters cause chaos in Parliament after storming the public gallery during Question Time

Pro-Palestinian protesters shouted at politicians during Question Time, calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and accusing the country’s leaders of “genocide.”

Member for Bean, David Smith, was interrupted in the House on Monday afternoon when he was drowned out by angry chants.

A group in the public gallery of the House of Representatives shouted: “Shame, shame” as the Canberra politician questioned Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus about Labour’s new Administrative Review Tribunal, which will review government decisions.

The calls from protesters continued as Mr. Dreyfus tried to respond.

‘You support genocide!’ protesters shouted.

Other protesters pointed to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s response to the conflict.

‘Albanian, your hands are red. 15,000 children dead!’ the crowd chanted.

David Smith (pictured), Member for Bean, was interrupted by pro-Palestinian protesters during Question Time

Others called for a “ceasefire now.”

It is estimated that more than 30,000 Palestinians have been killed since Israel declared war on the terrorist group Hamas.

The conflict erupted on October 7 when militants crossed the Gaza Strip into southern Israel, killing more than 1,100 people and taking about 240 hostage.

Some Palestinian supporters have criticized the Australian government for failing to denounce Israel.

Labour’s Mr Dreyfus responded to Mr Smith’s questions about the new Administrative Review Tribunal by highlighting the practice of ‘stacking’ within the Liberal Party.

“As many as 85 former Liberal MPs, failed Liberal candidates, former Liberal staffers and other close associates of the Liberal Party were stacked for good without any merit-based selection process,” he told the audience.

‘They did it again and again, including on the eve of the last election.

‘Decisions made by the (Administrative Review Tribunal) have life-changing consequences for thousands of Australians; from people with disabilities seeking support through the NDIS to vulnerable families trying to access the right social benefits.”

The pro-Palestinian protesters shouted 'shame' at the politicians and called for a ceasefire (photo: a rally for Free Palestine outside Brisbane's parliament building earlier this month)

The pro-Palestinian protesters shouted ‘shame’ at the politicians and called for a ceasefire (pictured, a Free Palestine rally outside Brisbane’s Parliament House earlier this month)

As he continued, protesters were removed from the public gallery by security.

At the end of his answer, Mr. Dreyfus joked, “I hope you heard the last part of my answer.”

Greens senator Max Chandler-Mather later applauded the protesters online.

“Solidarity with the Question Time protesters for Palestine who are peacefully fighting today for a ceasefire and an end to the genocide in Gaza,” he said.

“Their voices reflect the wishes of millions of people across Australia. History will remember you well.”