Queen Camilla and Kate Middleton’s Easter outfits decoded

As the Royal Family stepped out for their Easter Sunday service, they looked like a coordinated family unit with senior members wearing different shades of blue to walk into St George’s Chapel.

Featuring the King and Queen, as well as the Prince and Princess of Wales and their children, all arriving in shades from sapphire to pastel blue, the showing contradicted a claim made by the Duchess of Sussex in her Netflix documentary released last December. released.

Meghan, 41, claimed she wanted to “blend in” while being a working member of the royal family, adding that other members of the royal family were not allowed to wear outfits in the same shade as Queen Elizabeth during her reign.

But when the Wales family arrived at St. George’s Chapel in outfits in the same hues as Their Majesties, it could have signaled new fashions within The Firm under the reign of King Charles, while also signaling peace and tranquility in the run-up to the coronation next month.

The choice of color may not have been a coincidence, as Queen Camilla has been stepping out in regal blue outfits ever since the coronation invitations were sent out and the “consort” title was dropped. And according to fashion experts, the family also wears the color of the season.

Senior members of the royal family arrived at St George’s Chapel in Windsor for their Easter Sunday service dressed in various shades of blue. Pictured: The Prince and Princess of Wales with Prince George, nine, Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, four

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s £88 million Netflix documentary was released in December 2022, the Duchess revealed how she chose to wear more neutral tones during public appearances when she was a working royal.

Speaking to the camera, she said: ‘Most of the time I was in the UK I rarely wore colour.

“In my opinion, you should never wear the same color as Her Majesty when there is a group event, but then you should also not wear the same color as any of the other senior members of the family.”

However, if such a royal dress code was in effect during Queen Elizabeth’s reign, Easter Sunday’s coordinated array of sapphire shades proves that King Charles has decided to break with it.

The King and Queen also arrived at St. George's Chapel in shades of blue as they arrived for the Easter Sunday service

The King and Queen also arrived at St. George’s Chapel in shades of blue as they arrived for the Easter Sunday service

The Princess of Wales, 41, arrived at St George’s Chapel in a beautiful structured bespoke blue dress by Catherine Walker that she has worn before, while Queen Camilla, 75, donned a dress in an almost identical hue.

Meanwhile, King Charles, 74, wore a navy blue suit, while Prince William, 40, and Prince George, nine, wore similar outfits. Prince Louis, four, also wore a navy blue jacket but paired it with light blue shorts.

Princess Charlotte appeared in a blue patterned dress by Rachel Riley costing £65 and teal tights – and even had a blue ribbon in her hair.

The Duchess of Sussex was often seen in shades of camel, beige and cream while out and about with other members of the royal family, with the occasional splash of color when she went on solo assignments.

And while it’s unclear if royal women are (or were ever asked) to adhere to a hierarchical dress code, Queen Elizabeth famously wore bright colors for public engagements.

Royal biographer Robert Hardman, appearing on BBC Radio 4’s Today program in 2012, claimed that this was an active decision by Her Majesty to set her apart from the crowd.

While he didn’t reveal when or where the late monarch made the comment, the pundit said: “My favorite comment she ever said was, ‘I can never wear beige because no one will know who I am.'”

Yesterday’s color coordination of blue outfits may also have been a show of strength and unity as the royal family enters a new era when King Charles and Queen Camilla are crowned on May 6.

Since the coronation invitations were sent out and Camilla dropped the “consort” title, she has only appeared in blue outfits during public outings.

Color psychologist Lee Chambers previously told Femail that the color choice represented “tranquility” and “authority.”

“With Camilla being crowned queen, it’s no surprise that she’s dressed in both royal and navy shades,” he said.

‘Blue has historical symbolism of nobility and status, and this still makes it a strong royal statement color to this day.

“Moreover, blue indicates that the wearer has a calm, reassured self-confidence, and its associations with trustworthiness and loyalty are qualities that Queen Camilla will want to convey as a message during this time.”

The expert continued, “Both shades of blue have an emotional connection with a sense of calm and peace, and Camilla will no doubt want to convey these values ​​in her public appearances.

Not only do the royals show calmness with their blue hues, some fashion experts say it’s also the color of the season.

The Telegraph reports that catwalks from Fendi, Akris and Paul Smith have all put blue shades first in their fashion collections for 2023, which has also translated on the red carpet during awards season.