Prime Video Movie of the Day: Road House is an action-packed remake of the ’80s cult classic

When the news from A Road house remake was announced, fans of the original film (including some from the Ny Breaking team) were less than happy. The ’80s film, starring Patrick Swayze, is one of those good/bad movies that attracts a very devoted following – and that following wasn’t keen on anyone stepping into Swayze’s shoes. But the remake turns out to be more than just a photocopy; as The Guardian says, it’s both rowdy and campy.

The 2024 version stars Jake Gyllenhall as Elwood Dalton, a bouncer with a dark past, and moves the setting from Missouri to the Florida Keys. There, Elwood makes his living doing amateur fights with the likes of Post Malone and eventually works at the titular roadhouse. And that’s where the action takes place.

What is Roadhouse about?