Prime Video Movie of the Day: Death Race sees Jason Statham tackle dystopia in an action-packed smash-em-up

Death race has been described as ‘foolish’ and ‘violent’, and that is intended as criticism. But if you’re a fan of high-octane action movies, mindless violence might be just what you want to stream on Prime Video. And few actors do such senseless violence as Jason Statham, who gets the leading role here.

Statham plays three-time speedway champion Jensen Ames, who is locked up in the nation’s toughest prison for – wait for it – a crime he didn’t commit. Faced with life in a prison so grim it could be an English holiday destination, Ames’ future looks bleak until the warden gives him a choice: rot in prison forever, or race in the ‘ Death Race’ and win his freedom. And let’s face it, with a name like Death race we’re not talking about Mario Kart here.

Death Race is big, bad and strangely brilliant