PriceSpy reveals when items are cheapest online, from TVs to football boots and even sun cream


Shop smart! Bargain-hunting experts reveal the cheapest time to buy popular items like a TV, football boots or even sunscreen

  • Shoppers can save big on some products during certain times of the year
  • For example, football boots are 56% cheaper on average in February
  • PriceSpy data also reveals peak times when the cost of certain items skyrockets

Many people are currently trying to keep a better grip on their finances.

One tactic is to shop smarter. That may mean changing where you shop, for example, buying groceries at a cheaper supermarket.

But new data shows that saving money isn’t just about where people shop — it may also be about when they shop.

Knowing the best time of year to buy a particular product can lead to big savings, according to product comparison service PriceSpy.

It compared the prices of more than 700,000 products over the course of the past year and has now revealed the cheapest — and most expensive — times to buy popular items such as air fryers, televisions and even sunscreen.

Bargain hunt: Football boots could be this month’s bargains, with PriceSpy finding they cost shoppers an average of 56% less in February

For example, delaying the purchase of a new garden furniture set until October, after the summer is over, can typically save a person £52 compared to the average price of garden furniture throughout the year.

Similarly, a sewing machine had an average price of £494 in 2022, but dropped to £396 in June.

According to the data, laptops were the best buy in January, while TVs were the cheapest in December.

For example, the Microsoft Surface laptop had an average price of £543 last year, but was £493 in January.

Meanwhile, a Sony Bravia 65-inch 4K HDR TV had an average price of £1,933 in December 2022, down from the 2022 annual average price of £2,416.

At the same time, PriceSpy’s data shows how much premium shoppers pay when they purchase products at peak times.

Buying a barbeque in the middle of summer will typically cost someone an extra £75, and buying skis at the start of the ski season in November will cost someone an extra £148.

Those with babies on the way are best off buying prams, prams, or prams in January. According to PriceSpy, they pay a premium of 15 percent.

Peak Pricing: Those looking for espresso machines may not want to make a purchase this month, or they may pay an 8% premium.

Peak Pricing: Those looking for espresso machines may not want to make a purchase this month, or they may pay an 8% premium.

Liisa Matinvesi-Bassett, UK country manager at PriceSpy said: ‘While people’s reasons for shopping will vary, one thing will certainly be the same: no one wants to overpay for a product if they can do something about it.

“Knowledge is power, and knowing the best time to buy certain items means people can let their money go further.”

Shoppers can view the price history of things they want to buy using comparison sites such as PriceSpy and Idealo.

They can search for a product and find out when the cost has gone up or down, as well as get alerts when the price drops.

Liisa adds: “Setting up price alerts for products you want is a great way to make sure you’re buying at the right time and at the right price.

“With a service like PriceSpy you can receive notifications if products drop in price.”

Like PriceSpy, Idealo allows customers to compare specific products from retailers, compare price history, and also factor in any delivery costs.

It also allows shoppers to set up price alerts so that they are alerted when a certain product drops below a certain price.