Philips Hue bulbs work much better with Samsung TVs and SmartThings, for a price

Philips Hue is expanding its partnership with Samsung SmartThings, giving users more control over how their smart lights “interact with their home entertainment systems.” To achieve this, Philips is launching a major update to its Sync TV app, which introduces a handful of new features. Philips is even changing the software’s subscription model to make it more financially comfortable.

From the top, people can adjust settings on select Samsung TVs via the app, without pausing a movie or show. This includes instantly changing different lighting modes and choosing when to start or stop content syncing.

Additionally, users can create “multi-device automations.” These are smart home profiles that work with your Samsung TV instead of keeping the screen isolated from everything else. Samsung says you can sync the lighting fixtures with “other smart home devices to enhance the TV viewing environment.”

(Image credit: Philips Hue)

Select 2024 Samsung TVs also receive a music mode that causes the lights around your screen to respond to the audio being played. For example, dance beats ensure that the fixtures pulsate to the rhythm. If you look at the official image, it looks like you are adjusting the intensity level.