Woman reveals how people think her baby-faced husband is her son because of his youthful looks – but can you guess how old he is?

A mother of twins has responded to a stream of social media users claiming her husband looks like he is her son because of his youthful appearance.

Abigail Whitlock, 27, from Utah, shared one for the first time video of her partner alongside some of her twins’ relatives, with viewers asked to guess who the baby’s father was.

But users were left stunned after it emerged her husband, Stuart, was actually the father, with one even assuming he was Abigail’s younger brother.

But despite his baby face and everyone’s assumptions, her partner is actually 27 and the father of twins.

Abigail revealed who the father was in a follow-up video: ‘I’d like to introduce you to my husband Stuart.

A stream of social media users were stunned to discover the true identity of 27-year-old Abigail Whitlock’s husband after betting on the father’s video

“He’s 27 years old, not 12, and he’s the father of our twins!”

However, one user quickly burst her bubble, noting that Abigail’s relationship is like “a teacher dating her high school student.”

The mother-of-two quickly hit back in another clip, joking that the joke had “gone too far.”

“Everyone thinks my husband looks so young, so I know this will hurt my feelings, but how old do I look?” she asked.

‘Be so honest. Because if this is the truth and people think I’m walking around with a child, then divorce is the only option.’

She added: ‘Now that I think twice about it, people have asked me if I was my husband’s mother.’

People remained divided, with some flooding the comments with support for the new mother, while others reaffirmed that she did indeed look much older than Stuart.

“You don’t look old, he just looks like a teenager,” one person commented.

‘Girl. You are beautiful. You look 24 and amazing,” wrote a second.

Another said: ‘You look quite young too but your husband honestly looks like a minor especially when he sits’

A fourth reaffirmed: “You look young too so there’s no need for a divorce,” while one user joked: “If you told me you were 17 I wouldn’t doubt it at all.”

One viewer even said Abigail looked like a teacher compared to her children's father, prompting others to comment that her husband looked

One viewer even said Abigail looked like a teacher compared to her children’s father, prompting others to comment that her husband looked “like a child” next to her

One viewer stated that the couple both looked like they were in their mid-20s, and that her husband simply had a baby face.

‘A lot of people say you look like you’re in your twenties. I honestly think you look 18. But he still looks 12,” said another.

However, not everyone was so kind in the comments, with others reiterating that they thought she looked significantly older than the father of her children.

“To be honest, he looks like your son,” one joked.

“Bro I thought you were 32,” another commented, while one user said they thought the mother of two looked like she was 35 years old.