Patrick Mahomes’ Dad Bod diet: Chiefs quarterback loves a cheat meal from Chick-Fil-A or Chipotle and can tuck away TEN ice-creams per night (says Brittany)… but what late-night snack is his guilty pleasure?

Patrick Mahomes’ arrival at Kansas City Chiefs headquarters for OTAs this week had fans wondering if he was in good enough shape to lead the team to a third straight Super Bowl victory.

The quarterback was once again the butt of many “dad bod” jokes on social media following a video of him returning to practice with a slightly toned frame after a well-deserved three-month break.

The 28-year-old Mahomes had defended his physique earlier this year after a shirtless photo of him following their AFC Championship win over the Baltimore Ravens in January went viral.

He told TIME, “I definitely have a bit of the dad bod. I will also say that I have a great body for a quarterback. There has to be some padding in there to absorb the blows we get.”

Mahomes has every right to claim he has the perfect physique for a quarterback after leading the Chiefs to three Super Bowl victories and he is working hard to stay in shape for the NFL.

Patrick Mahomes arrived at Chiefs headquarters for OTAs on Tuesday

He revealed in a 2018 interview with Men’s Journal that he eats four to five meals a day and often has two dinners so he doesn’t eat too much at once.

Mahomes underwent a fitness overhaul in the summer of 2020, was tested for allergies so he could fine-tune his diet — which revealed he is allergic to “most nuts” and grass — and hired a personal chef, said he. Men’s health in 2021.

However, his self-proclaimed “daddy bod” may be the result of some guilty pleasures.

The quarterback has admitted to occasionally succumbing to a cheat meal, with Mahomes tucking into chicken biscuits from Chick-Fil-A and burrito bowls at Chipotle, reportedly his most-ordered items in 2019 and 2018. Postmates.

He has also been known to order prime rib, barbecue and fries from local Kansas City establishments.

And it doesn’t stop there. Mahomes has also confessed to being a “big snacker,” using chips and candy, including Doritos, Jolly Rancher Gummies or Starbursts, as late night snacks.

“I have to keep my body in shape, so no one tells my trainer or the Chiefs, but I’m a big snacker,” he said GQ Sports in 2023.

The signal caller’s late snacking is a source of teasing from his wife, Brittany.

Mahomes previously defended his 'Dad bid' amid criticism following the Chiefs' AFC win

Mahomes previously defended his ‘Dad bid’ amid criticism following the Chiefs’ AFC win

The 28-year-old quarterback was in Super Bowl-winning form last season

The 28-year-old quarterback was in Super Bowl-winning form last season

Brittany, a former professional footballer, betrayed her husband earlier this year when she revealed he eats ten mini ice cream cones a night.

‘Everyone eats ten a night… because he does too. Not me,” Brittany posted on Instagram in March with an arrow pointed at Mahomes and a laughing emoji.

Mahomes’ taste for ice cream also came to the fore during an October episode of the “New Heights” podcast, when teammate Travis Kelce, who defended his own “dad body,” and his older brother Jason Kelce discussed the quarterback’s love for Dippin’ Dots discussed. .

“There’s something weird about Dippin’ Dots that it only happens in amusement parks,” Jason Kelce said. “Like where did you see Dippin’ Dots? I mean, I think at sporting events I’ve seen a few Dippin’ Dots.”

“I saw them in Pat Mahomes’ garage,” Travis replied. “He’s got a freezer full of Dippin’ Dots.”

Brittany has previously exposed his guilty pleasure by sharing that there is one specific snack that Mahomes munches on. In an Instagram Q&A, a user asked Brittany what a “funny habit of Patrick’s is.” To which she replied, “Eat Doritos in bed every night,” with a laughing emoji.

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Mahomes’ wife Brittany, a former professional football player, reveals his snacking habits

Brittany makes fun of her husband for being able to eat ten ice creams a night

Brittany makes fun of her husband for being able to eat ten ice creams a night

‘I always grab…a purple bag of Doritos that I just bought. I used to be a Cool Ranch guy, but now I’m on the purple bag,” Mahomes previously told GQ Sports.

Mahomes also appears to have a penchant for good food. In February, he led his friend’s bachelor party of 20 people to Carversteak at Resorts World, where they dined in the Whiskey Room, the luxury steakhouse’s private dining room, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

But despite the criticism of his physique, Mahomes hasn’t rested on his laurels all offseason.

After hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in February, Mahomes has spent the offseason training with his longtime trainer Bobby Stroupe, focusing on “pattern stability,” “power absorption” and “power transmission.”

Stroupe shared an Instagram video in March showing the Chiefs star in action, performing fast-paced, high-intensity drills that challenge his strength, speed, power, reaction time and control.

The three-time Super Bowl winner has also been on a stricter diet throughout the season to stay in championship shape.

Kansas City Chiefs dietitian Leslie Bonci revealed this in an interview with Bet Kansas, that the Super Bowl champions binge on protein, salads and carbs during a week of practice and gym sessions.

“Our team normally consists of fish and chicken for meals during the week,” Bonci continued. ‘Red meat comes in third place, but it’s not just proteins. There are Caesar salads, potatoes are large and also rice and pasta.

‘Salmon, swordfish, tuna, catfish and cod are fish with texture rather than a soft fish. Seafood is great too, with shrimp and crab cakes. We try to take food waste into account, but we don’t want to throw away cans and cans of food.’

The nutritionist revealed that Kansas City stars usually demand breakfast items like French toast, waffles and pancakes before a game, even if they play at night.

A lot of the guys at the Chiefs like fish,” she said. “Barbecue food is all the rage, with burnt ends like brisket and the charred part, as well as ribs, but that’s a mid-week meal, not on game day.

“I wouldn’t say it’s superstition, but players are creatures of habit and there are some who like breakfast foods, even if it’s during an evening game, because that’s their comfort food.

“They want an egg sandwich, pancakes, waffle or French toast. Not many players eat a huge amount of food before a match.

The quarterback has admitted to occasionally succumbing to a cheat meal, including Chipotle

The quarterback has admitted to occasionally succumbing to a cheat meal, including Chipotle

He has also been known to order Chick-fil-A, prime rib, barbecue and fries

He has also been known to order Chick-fil-A, prime rib, barbecue and fries

“We have steak, pasta, chicken and sandwiches, as well as French toast and we have an abundance of food so players can come in and think ‘what should I eat?’ What we don’t want is for players to make a U-turn and have a missed refueling opportunity, so kudos to our chefs.

Breakfast options, eaten before 8:30 a.m. at that time, include hot or cold cereal, eggs, omelettes, sandwiches, potatoes or smoothies. Lunch is consumed between 12:00 and 1:00 PM, but post-training options are also available.

On two nights a week, Chiefs players also get the chance to have dinner prepared by Bonci and Co, which has many benefits for both them and the team.

‘There are many options, from fillet to roasted salmon and grilled chicken. If they want pizza, there’s a pizza oven,” Bonci said. ‘They have the option, so they don’t have to go out to eat. This way we know what they eat and that is better for us.’