Patrick Beverley ‘banned from future ESPN appearances’ after refusing to talk to a network’s reporter because she was not subscribed to his podcast

  • The locker room incident occurred after the Pacers eliminated the Bucks
  • Beverley has since apologized to the reporter, but is now facing the consequences
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Milwaukee Bucks star Patrick Beverley has reportedly been banned from future ESPN appearances after refusing to be interviewed by a network reporter in the locker room following the team’s elimination from the postseason on Thursday night.

On the field before the Bucks’ 120-98 loss to the Indiana Pacers was completed, Beverley threw the ball to a fan twice. He didn’t cool off in the post-match scrum, where he took aim at ESPN reporter Malinda Adams.

Beverly bizarrely asked Adam out of the blue if she subscribed to his podcast. When she said no, he replied, “Then you can’t interview me. No disrespect.”

As another reporter tried to ask Beverley a question, he told Adams to “please get that microphone out of my face,” while physically touching Adams’ microphone several times.

When Adams turned it back to him to get his answer, Beverley told her, “Please get out of the loop if you’re not subscribed to my podcast. I can appreciate.’

Beverley pushed an ESPN reporter’s microphone away several times Thursday

Beverley scored a disappointing six points in his final game of the season against the Pacers

Beverley scored a disappointing six points in his final game of the season against the Pacers

Even with Beverley’s apology, which Adams said he received, in addition to condolences from the Bucks organization, the longtime NBA star is banned from appearances on the mega sports network, per Front office sports.

An ESPN spokesperson did not reveal further details about Beverley’s ban, but did stand by Adams.

‘Malinda is a respected colleague and a true professional. She has our full support,” the spokesperson told FOS.

Beverley scored just six points in 40 minutes in his final game of the season, the fewest of any Bucks starter on Thursday.

Whether Beverley will be punished by the NBA for his behavior in the locker room or for furiously throwing the ball at a fan’s head has not yet been determined.