Pathfinder’s War of Immortals features the first new character classes designed without the OGL

Paizo, fresh from a long-awaited renewal Pathfinders Ruleset for 2nd Edition, announced some big steps for the game’s ongoing story on Tuesday. The War of Immortals meta-event will slay a god, span multiple rulebooks, and reboot the publisher’s line of hardcover novels. It also introduces the first two original classes built after the company’s formal departure from the old Dungeons & Dragons ruleset and the OGL.

Will be central to the new storyline Pathfinder war of immortalsa 240-page hardcover rulebook expected in October that will introduce ‘mythic rules’ Pathfinder Second Edition. These rules should work similarly to previous mythic content, which represented ways to make your high-level characters stand out with powerful boons and abilities. According to a press release, the book will also feature two new character classes – the animist and the exemplar – which are “the first original classes built on the remastered foundation of Pathfinder player core.

(Pathfinder player core And PathfinderGM core were released in November 2023. The team moved the game from Wizards of the Coast’s Open Game License (also known as the OGL), leaving the original version of Pathfinder Second Edition to use some outdated material from D&D, following Wizards’ attempts to change that agreement. Paizo now publishes its fantasy TTRPG under its own license, called the Open RPG Creative (ORC) License. You can read more about that transition in Polygon’s interview with publisher Eric Mona.)

Next one, Pathfinder Lost Omens: Divine Mysteries is a setting book with a few character options – similar to Pathfinder Lost Omens: Tian Xia World Guide described here at Polygon in March. However, instead of a guide to an entire region, this 320-page hardcover will feature a remastered pantheon of gods. It will also be present new gods, such as Aleph, the god of darkness, and Nin, the god of vampires. The book, worth €79.99, is expected in November.

Several new adventures have been included in the War of Immortals arc. Pathfinder adventure: prey for death is a 128-page standalone adventure for high-level characters (level 14 and above). Expect the larger-than-usual hardcover format to make a splash when it’s released at Gen Con on August 1, 2024.

There are also two even bigger campaigns on the horizon.

Pathfinder Adventure Path: Curtain Call – Pathfinder’s 40th since launching in 2009 – will take characters from level 11 all the way to 20. The episodic release will begin at Gen Con with Pathfinder Adventure Path #204: Stage Fright and will end in September. Pathfinder Adventure Path: Triumph of the Tuskin which players fight alongside a band of orcs, will continue in October Pathfinder Adventure Path #207: The Resurrection Flood and continue into December.

Both adventure trails are integrally included as part of the Pathfinder Adventure Trail Subscription.

Finally a new novel titled Pathfinder: God’s Rain, written by Liane Merciel, will also be released in November. Paizo said in its press release that the book will follow “four iconic heroes – the sorcerer Ezren, the barbarian Amiri, the cleric Kyra and her wife, the villain Merisiel – as they witness the disaster of the Rain of Gods and face the odds – and the consequences – of mythic power.”