Parle-G replaces the image of an iconic girl with the face of this Instagram influencer

Parle-G placed a smiling image of Mr Bunshah on the cookie packaging instead of the iconic girl

Biscuit maker Parle shocked internet fans when it shared a post with an influencer's face on the pack cover instead of the iconic Parle-G girl. The funny post was a response to content creator Zervaan J Bunshah's viral video in which he asked a hilarious question to his followers. “When you meet the owner of Parle, do you call him Parle sir, Mr. Parle or Parle G?” he asked in a video.

In the clip, Bunshan is seen sitting in a car with a surprised expression as the catchy 'Ae Jee Oo Jee' tune from Anil Kapoor's film 'Ram Lakhan' plays in the background.

Watch the video here:

The video also piqued the interest of Parle-G, who joined in the fun with a funny comment. The official Parle-G account read: “Bunshah ji, you can call us the OG.”

Later, instead of the iconic girl, Parle-G placed a smiling image of Bunshah on the cookie packaging. “While you figure out what to call the owner of Parle-G, tell us your favorite cookie to enjoy with a cup of chai. What are you saying @bunshah ji,” the caption read.

The content creator was overjoyed by the gesture and commented on the post, mentioning how he used to enjoy Parle-G cookies as a child.

“BAHAHAHAHAHA SEASONS GREETINGS INDEED. Parle G will always be my nourishment growing up, after every excursion, party, gathering, craving, fancy cake mein bhi ingredient rehta hai! I ate the cookies as a child, thinking I would become smarter. Usme toh kalti diya tum logon ne,” he wrote.

This hilarious story follows a similar interaction at Lay's last month. Bunshah, known for his funny Parsi caricatures, took to Instagram to express his dissatisfaction over the change in taste of Lay's Magic Masala variant. Lay's India was drawn to the influencer's video, which featured a humorous rant against the popular snack.

“What did you do to my Magic Masala? The magic is no longer there. Now it's meetha masala. This is possibly the worst thing you could have done. Have you gone crazy?” he had said in the video.

In response to Bunshah's concerns, Lay's assured him that the Magic Masala variant he adored would return soon, clarifying that the variant he criticized was a limited edition pack.

“Hi! We understand that India's Magic Masala has been your favorite and you want the magic back. This pack was a limited edition and we intend to add more joy to the lives of our consumers. So don't worry, we have your back! India's Magic Masala is coming back,” the company wrote in a DM to the content creator.

First print: December 28, 2023 | 1:45 p.m IST