Over 100 women demand apology from rising star GOP candidate exposed for LYING about his age on Tinder by nearly a decade

A now-married Republican lawmaker who lied about his age on Tinder for nearly a decade is facing calls to apologize.

Representative Ryan MacKenzie of Pennsylvania claimed on the dating app that he was 29, when in March 2020 he was actually 37.

Now, on the second anniversary of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, 100 women voters have come forward to demand that he take responsibility for his actions.

Eight years into his career as a state lawmaker in March 2020, Mackenzie told women on Tinder that he was eight years younger than he actually was. He messaged at least one woman from the profile: “Survive the pandemic?”

Mackenzie is now running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Pennsylvania against incumbent Democrat Susan Wild.

The concerned women said Mackenzie “never took responsibility” for the lie, noting that his campaign only told DailyMail.com that he was not engaged or married at the time of the profile.

On Monday, more than 100 female voters wrote a letter to Rep. Ryan Mackenzie demanding an apology after DailyMail.com reported he had lied about his age on his Tinder profile for nearly a decade.

“Trolling younger women on Tinder is one thing (we notice that you have been tampering with your age for almost a decade), but doing so while an active member of the Pennsylvania State Legislature is another,” the letter said.

“We wonder what else you’ll lie to Pennsylvania women about over the next five months as you try to capture our votes.”

“If you cannot take responsibility for your actions on something as small as a dating app, we are concerned that you will not be able to conduct yourself honorably as our representative in Washington,” the women continued.

His family had been active in politics for decades at the time. He had already briefly run for Congress in 2018 and had represented the Lehigh Valley in the statehouse since 2012 along with his mother, state Rep. Milou Mackenzie.

Mackenzie is now locked in a close race against incumbent Democrat Susan Wild for Pennsylvania’s seventh district.

Mackenzie is now married to wife Chloe and they have a son.

The district where Mackenzie and Wild will face off in November is one of the most evenly divided in the country — Biden won it by just 0.6 points in 2020 — and it remains a top target for the Republican Party. Wild has represented it since 2018.

Mackenzie, wife Chloe and son in a Father's Day post

Mackenzie, wife Chloe and son in a Father’s Day post

Screenshot of Ryan MacKenzie's Tinder profile

Screenshot of Ryan MacKenzie’s Tinder profile

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Mackenzie’s Tinder profile claimed he was ‘Always in the mood for a good time! Outgoing, funny and enjoys traveling, skiing, trying new restaurants and having drinks with friends.’

His State House biography lists his date of birth as August 3, 1982. The dog pictured in his Tinder profile is the same dog he has Posted from his social media accounts.

Mackenzie’s profile lists him as a “ninth generation resident of the Lehigh Valley.” He has held Trump-appointed positions on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Local Government Advisory Committee and as a commissioner on the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships.