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Brave bus driver who stepped in to help teenager who was allegedly bashed and robbed by a gang is SACKED

A bus driver who tried to help a teenager who was allegedly robbed and beaten has been fired.

The driver was at the wheel of the 250 bus in the Brisbane suburb of Cleveland about 1pm on February 18 when three teenagers entered the vehicle. Redlands community news reported.

The youths reportedly fled with the victim’s belongings, the Transport Workers Union (TWU) said, leading the teenager to chase after them.

A bus driver who tried to help a teenager who was allegedly robbed and beaten has been fired (file photo)

When the youth was allegedly attacked by the group, the driver got in.

“The driver intervened by verbally and physically separating the youths to prevent a further attack,” a union spokesman said.

TWU Queensland director Josh Millroy said the bus driver was later dismissed for his actions by Transdev, which operates bus transport in Brisbane.

“The driver courageously intervened in the (alleged) violent attack and protected his passenger, but was subsequently dismissed and later terminated for misconduct,” Mr Milroy said.

“This driver should be praised for standing up… and protecting his passengers, not punished for having the courage to take action.”

Queensland Police said a 16-year-old boy had been charged with attempted theft in company and was due to appear in the Cleveland Children’s Court on March 1.

A 15-year-old boy received a warning. The police are still investigating.

‘Safety is paramount on board all our services. That’s why our drivers are professionally trained in all aspects of heavy vehicle transport, from driving, customer service to de-escalation training,” a Transdev spokesperson said.