Optical illusion reveals if you’re an empath or stoic depending on what you see first

A personality test based on how different people view an image can say volumes about your emotions.

What your eyes are immediately drawn to in the photo will reveal how much empathy you have.

The mural is the work of Hawaiian-born Sean Yoro, who goes by the stage name Hula – he turns dull and unusable buildings into works of art.

To take the test YourTango, just look at the image above and note what you are attracted to first. Now read below to see how empathetic you are.

An empath is someone whose mood is affected by how others feel; he or she is very in tune with the emotions and feelings of those around them.

If you’ve ever been called “too sensitive” or become overly angry about situations your friends and family are going through, you may fall into this category.

Empaths often feel emotionally drained and spend more time focusing on others than on themselves.

To take YourTango’s test, all you need to do is look at the image above and write down what you’re attracted to first. Now read below to see how empathetic you are

If you saw the water first

According to the test, you are definitely empathetic if you see the water first.

Most people are primarily drawn to the woman and her reflection as the focal point of the image.

Instead, you have chosen to focus on her surroundings: the water and the ripples around her.

If you saw the woman first

If you saw the woman first, as most people do, you are not empathetic.

You may consider yourself an expert on how people think and feel, but you’re actually more of an expert on yourself.

Despite this, you are not selfish or self-obsessed. You’ve just spent a lot of time figuring yourself out and you’re eager to share this with others.

If you saw the wall first

If your eyes are drawn to the wall first, you’re not very empathetic and have trouble understanding people.

You don’t necessarily dislike people, you just get confused by the actions and emotions of others and wish you could get behind that.

But people do take an interest in you, and you’re likely to be an attentive friend and a good listener.

If you saw the woman’s reflection first

If you were the first to see the reflection of the woman in the water, you are emotionally very intelligent and probably quite empathetic.

You can really figure out how other people are feeling and what they’re thinking, even if they hold their cards close to their chest.

People fascinate you and you can communicate very well with others.