Optical illusion can reveal if you’re a commitment phobe, depending on what you see first

If you ever wonder why your relationships don’t seem to be working, a baffling optical illusion can help you determine if you have commitment issues.

Posted on TikTok by @mia_yilin_ who regularly shares visual brainteasers on her page, the image shows two possible solutions.

Instructing viewers from around the world to look at the blue-and-beige photo, she asked, “What is the first thing you see in this photo?”

Some people will see a flock of white doves in mid-flight against the blue sky, while others will see the outline of a woman’s face.

“If you saw the birds for the first time, you’re someone who has trouble making long-term commitments because you crave excitement and you’re bored by predictability,” Mia explained.

This mind-boggling optical illusion can reveal your attitude towards relationships, depending on what you see first

“You are also very prone to overthinking, which adds unnecessary stress to your life.”

However, she said that if you see the woman’s face first, it means you are “a very empathetic person” who is “quick to pick up on the emotions of others.”

“This sensitivity allows you to connect deeply with people, but it can also be overwhelming because you tend to absorb the negative energy of those around you,” she said.

Her followers were impressed by the challenge, even if they were divided over what the photo showed.

“The face and explanation were so striking,” one person wrote.

“Super accurate,” another agreed. “I saw them both at the same time and they both describe me.”

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Followers were impressed by the challenge, even if they were divided on what the photo shows

Followers were impressed by the challenge, even if they were divided on what the photo shows

It comes after another optical illusion puzzle promises to reveal the ways you secretly show your love in your relationship, including things you may not even be aware you’re doing.

According to Your tangoFiguring out your personal way of showing intimacy can help you develop a deeper bond with your significant other.

All you have to do is look at the artwork below Oleg Shupliak and notice where your eyes are drawn to first.

Then read on and discover what the visual personality test says about you.

All you have to do is look at this image and notice what your eyes are drawn to first

All you have to do is look at this image and notice what your eyes are drawn to first

The wolf

If you look at this creepy image and see the wolf first, it suggests that you are passionate in your relationship and always follow your instincts.

You often have ‘romantic escapades’ and have many beautiful stories to tell.

Most importantly, your love language is physical touch, which means more to you than words.

Small physical gestures, such as holding hands, are how you subtly show love to your significant other.

The House

If you saw the house first, which is in the background of the picture with glowing windows, then “home and safety” are very important to you.

Consistency and security in your relationship are the most important factors for you.

You are a homebody who enjoys nothing more than cuddling and feeling safe with your loved one.

The way you show love is by feeding those you care about – whether it’s baking or cooking, or even just having sweets on hand.

The moon

If your eyes naturally wandered to the moon at the top of the image, you’re a natural dreamer with your head in the clouds.

It means that you have big plans and dreams about what you want to do with your life.

You are a very creative person who loves art, whether it is drawing, writing, reading or painting.

The way you express affection is through artistic expression. Maybe you’re an avid poet or you make handmade gifs for your partner.

The trees

If you are drawn to the trees on either side of the photo, you feel emotions more deeply than others and you have probably experienced heartbreak before.

You are not very open about your emotional baggage and the way you show love is by revealing this part of yourself to your partner.

Making yourself vulnerable is your love language, something you only do for those who mean a lot to you.

The faces

Finally, the faces are the most hidden aspect of the photo and you may not have noticed them at first glance.

However, if you see them first, it means you are a natural leader with good intuition; you were attracted by what others did not see.

When it comes to your love relationships, quality time is your love language and you are good at putting it into practice.

You always make time for your partner and remind him or her that he or she is one of your top priorities.