Only people with excellent eyesight can find the robots in this restaurant-themed brain teaser within 10 seconds… Can you find them?

According to some of the world’s greatest thinkers, humanity could be overthrown in the near future by robot rulers.

So this should be a good habit.

In a new restaurant-themed puzzle game, visitors must find the two robots in a sea of ​​people.

Only those who are extremely vigilant can spot the object within 10 seconds, the creators claim.

On average, it takes people 34 seconds to see the robots ordering something from a waiter

On average, it takes 34 seconds for people to see the robots ordering something from a waiter.

The visual puzzle was released by RS Components.

It concerns a busy restaurant with two customers who are different from the others.

Take a quick look at each table to see if you notice anything strange about the guests eating.

If you haven’t noticed them yet, the clues are in their eyes and limbs.

You should notice that the two robots in question have red eyes. They also have hinges on their jaws and arms.

Still haven’t spotted them? Your last tip is to focus on the center of the image.

Didn't get them? Here's the answer

Didn’t get them? Here’s the answer