One Piece season 2: what we know about the hit Netflix show’s return

One Piece Season 2: Important Information

– Announced mid-September
– Scripts are still being written
– No release date, trailer or plot synopsis has been revealed
– Major cast members are expected to return
– Jamie Lee Curtis wants to join the cast list
– Fan-favorite characters who will be introduced to live-action adaptations
– Future seasons probably

A piece Season 2 is coming – and for anyone who's been keeping up with the success of the live-action Netflix series, that won't come as a surprise.

There's always a lot of pressure when a classic cultural icon is translated to the screen, and a lot was riding on the streamer's adaptation of Eiichiro Oda's best-selling manga of the same name. Luckily, it was a roaring hit, with longtime fans and newbies alike tuning in to the world's best streaming service to get their fill of devilish fruits. Also based on its critical acclaim, it was only a matter of time before it found a spot on our list of the best Netflix shows.