OJ Simpson spent his final days chilling and drinking beer’ on his couch before becoming so weak he could only ‘watch golf on TV and ask for water’ before he died from prostate cancer aged 76

OJ Simpson’s last days were spent drinking beer on the couch in his gated community in Las Vegas, before a sudden turn of events after Easter left him only able to ask for water and watch his beloved golf on TV to look.

Simpson died last Thursday at the age of 76 after a battle with prostate cancer. His remains were privately cremated on Tuesday.

It was previously reported that the prime suspect in the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her boyfriend Ron Goldman had friends and family sign non-disclosure agreements in recent weeks before visiting him at home.

“He was awake, alert and shivering,” attorney Malcom LaVergne recalled Tuesday.

‘He’s sitting on the couch… drinking a beer and watching TV. And so that was the last time we had any effective back-and-forth conversations. Usually he’s the one who keeps me up to date with the news… so we were just catching up on the news.”

OJ Simpson pictured with his ex-wife Nicole and their blended family at the 1994 premiere of Naked Gun 33 1/3, just three months before her murder

Attorney Malcom LaVergne pictured at Simpson's hearing in Nevada in July 2017

Attorney Malcom LaVergne pictured at Simpson’s hearing in Nevada in July 2017

About a week later, on April 5, a doctor said Simpson was “in transition,” as LaVergne described it.

The last time LaVergne visited, last week, Simpson only had the strength to ask for water and choose to watch a TV golf tournament instead of a tennis match.

“Of course he chose golf,” LaVergne told The Associated Press in an interview. “He was an absolute golf fanatic.”

A source close to the family told DailyMail.com this week that Simpson’s decline had been rapid: although he was healthy and sturdy a year ago, he had suddenly deteriorated in recent weeks and had been open about his cancer with friends.

The insider said: ‘I last saw him two weeks ago and he was grey. He looked really bad. He couldn’t walk around the restaurant unassisted and you could tell he was very ill.”

They added: ‘It’s been like night and day since this time last year. He looked fine then and you would never know there was anything wrong with him.’

Despite a post on Simpson’s X page saying he died surrounded by family, only one unnamed relative was present, his lawyer said this week.

“You have to remember that their whole lives they shared OJ with the world,” the attorney said of Simpson’s surviving adult children from his first marriage — Arnelle Simpson, now 55, and Jason Simpson, 53 — and the children Simpson had with ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson before she was murdered in 1994: Sydney Simpson, 38, and Justin Simpson, 35.

The family’s social media post asked for “privacy and grace during this time of transition.”

In a nearly two-minute video he posted ahead of the Super Bowl, the controversial superstar addressed those who had inquired about his health.

In a nearly two-minute video he posted ahead of the Super Bowl, the controversial superstar addressed those who had inquired about his health.

At the time, NFL Hall of Famer Simpson disputed rumors that he was in hospice care as early as February.

At the time, NFL Hall of Famer Simpson disputed rumors that he was in hospice as early as February.

“First they shared good OJ. But he was still famous,” LaVergne said. ‘And then, in 1994, they had to share bad boy OJ with the world.

But in the end, these children simply lost a father. And they have the added burden of being one of the most famous people on the planet, polarizing and surrounded by controversy.”

TMZ reported shortly after his death that family, friends and even medical staff had to be present during Simpson’s final days in hospice care because they had to sign non-disclosure agreements.

In addition to the NDA agreements, well-wishers were not allowed to bring their mobile phones into the room. About 30 to 50 people paid their respects, even though he couldn’t really talk and was unconscious for the last few days, according to TMZ’s report.

Simpson first mentioned his battle with cancer during a 2023 video posted to X, but didn’t actually mention it afterward. TMZ reports that Simpson, despite his increasing years, continued to live as before.

Since late 2023, Simpson has been in and out of the hospital and at one point even developed pneumonia. His last visit was in 2024.

Last February, in an almost two minute video posted ahead of the Super Bowl, the controversial star addressed those who had inquired about his health.

Simpson said he had prostate cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy treatments in Las Vegas.

‘Thank you to all the people who contacted me. My health is good,” he said in the video filmed at a swimming pool.

“Obviously I’m dealing with some issues, but I think I’m almost over it and will hopefully be back on the golf course in a few weeks.”

At the time, NFL Hall of Famer Simpson disputed rumors that he was in hospice care.

According to the Las Vegas lawyer, Simpson told his children where he wanted his ashes scattered, but said the location was known only to them and that all four agreed to his wishes.

LaVergne said, “OJ wouldn’t want anyone to be sad for him. He’d tell you straight up, man, he’s had a great life, a happy life, sure, he’s had his trials and tribulations, but his last seven years have been fantastic, so he wouldn’t want anyone to feel sorry for him.

‘He would have liked a few more years to see his grandchildren grow a little older. But in the end he was actually satisfied.’