Of course, Dbrand has created its own Spider-Man-esque PS5 console covers

Dbrand will never stop Dbrand-ing. The device maker is once again taking an opportunistic attack on big companies, this time against Sony, a frequent sparring partner. It debuted the Arachnoplates, the creative interpretation of Sony’s console covers created to celebrate Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 for the PS5, which are selling out at retail and going for outrageous prices on eBay and Amazon.

The Arachnoplates will ship on October 20 for the disc and discless versions of the PS5, and will cost $64.98 each to pre-order (Dbrand notes that this happens to be a penny cheaper than Sony’s option). In addition to the covers, you can also purchase an adhesive center skin for $19.95 to hide the shiny center of the PS5 with this Spider-Man-esque design. You can also purchase red light strips, which are semi-translucent strips that can be applied over the standard LEDs for $9.95 to complete the look.

Image: Dbrand

It wouldn’t be a proper Dbrand launch if there wasn’t an extremely small copy thrown in Sony’s direction on the landing page. This one says:

The maker of the (POPULAR VIDEOGAME CONSOLE) (MEGACORP) failed to produce sufficient inventory of their (LICENSED VIDEOGAME) side panels.

Thanks for dropping the ball, you (SERIES OF EXPLETIVES).