NYCFC captain James Sands has heated arguments with fans after SEVENTH game without a win

‘Don’t say we don’t care, that’s fucking disrespectful’: NYCFC captain James Sands in heated argument with fans after SEVENTH game without win

  • New York City FC lost 3-1 in-house at FC Cincinnati on Wednesday evening
  • And captain James Sands heard from fans after the loss in the Bronx
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NYCFC captain James Sands had a heated moment with fans following the club’s 3-1 home loss to Cincinnati on Wednesday – marking its seventh straight game in all competitions without a win.

The result dropped New York City — who won the league in 2021 and were conference finalists the previous year — to 14th in the Eastern Conference. And fans let Sands hear it after the game.

“It’s not good enough, James!” exclaimed one in a clip that captures the moment.

“We’re here through thick and thin, mate,” said another. ‘We’re never leaving, mate. But this, what you are doing, is not enough. If it’s the coach, say so. Do something about it, mate. We’re tired of this.’

The 22-year-old, who returned from a loan spell at Rangers earlier this year, listened to fans before reacting.

James Sands captained NYCFC on Wednesday as his side lost 3-1 at home to FC Cincinnati

“Don’t you think we come here every day and fucking work?” he said.

‘We don’t feel it, mate. We don’t see the effort, James,” one fan shot back.

“I’ll tell you something now, anyone standing on that field hurts more than you,” Sands then replied. “It’s a fact, okay. Do you think anyone would be happy about that?’

One of the fans then reiterated the scale of NYCFC’s current winless streak – seven games – with the defensive midfielder reminding him that last season and the one before it also had some rough patches.

James Sands returned to NYCFC earlier this year after spending 13 months with Rangers

James Sands returned to NYCFC earlier this year after spending 13 months with Rangers

NYCFC had a five-game winless streak in the league last year and went six games without a win in 2021 before winning the MLS Cup that postseason.

Sands and the fan eventually came to a truce of sorts, when he told the fan he appreciated coming to the game, and the supporter said, “I’ve got nothing against your man.” But I want you to understand that we’re not here for fun.’

However, the conversation ended on a tense note.

“Don’t say we don’t care, okay? ‘Cause that’s bloody disrespectful,” Sands said before walking away.

NYCFC’s next game is against the New England Revolution on Saturday.