No Malayalam film will be shown on the screen or theater of PVR: FEFKA

The Film Employees Federation of Kerala (FEFKA) on Saturday said that no Malayalam film will be given to any PVR screen or theater until it compensates producers from the southern state for the loss they have suffered due to the multiplex company not showing films that are made by them all over India.

FEFKA general secretary Unnikrishnan B announced the decision at a press conference held here, where renowned producers like Blessy Ipe Thomas and Vineeth Sreenivasan were also present.

Unnikrishnan said there was an ongoing dispute between PVR and the film producers’ association over the issue of virtual printing fee (VPF) charged by the multiplex company.

The producers’ association decided not to release films on PVR’s new screen at Forum Mall until the dispute was resolved, he said.

β€œAs a countermeasure, PVR, in a cartel-like strategy, has decided not to screen any Malayalam film in the theaters or screens they own across India. This has caused significant financial loss as well as mental pressure on producers, including Zalig,” he said.

He said the PVR does not have the courage to take such a stand in the other South Indian states but is taking unfair advantage of the Malayalam film industry’s vision of resolving issues democratically.

β€œIt is not just a matter of the problems of the film producers, it is also a matter of the pride of Malayalam cinema and the Malayalese as a whole.

β€œWe have, therefore, decided that unless the producers are compensated for the loss suffered by them for the number of days their films were not screened, no Malayalam cinema will be given to any PVR theater or screen. The producers association has also assured us of their support,” Unnikrishnan said.

Vineeth Sreenivasan said it was not just an issue of the producers but also all the artistes working in the Malayalam film industry.

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First print: April 13, 2024 | 6:23 PM IST