Nintendo announces a surprise 1-2-Switch sequel

1-2 switch, the party game that launched with the Nintendo Switch in 2017, is getting a sequel – and very, very soon. On Thursday eveningannounced Nintendo Everyone 1-2-Switch! would start on June 30.

The original 1-2 switch received mixed reviews, but became one of the best-selling games on the platform in its first year. 1-2 switch contains 28 minigames that utilize the console’s Joy-Con controller capabilities, as well as audio cues, including the infamous Mini-game “milking”.. Most games involve two players.

A continuation on 1-2 switch was announced last year, but was apparently so badly received by playtest groups that it had been delayed. Everyone 1-2 Switch! costs just $30 – less than its predecessor’s $50. Everyone 1-2-Switch! allows players to connect to the games through smart devices, similar to the Jackbox Party Pack series, meaning more players than Joy-Cons can join the game.

There is no trailer for it yet Everyone 1-2 -Switch!But the description in Nintendo eShop promises balloons and aliens. The jury is still out on whether this version includes a milking game. Everyone 1-2-Switch! starts on June 30.