Nifty Pvt, PSU Bank indices: What should be your trading strategy here?

Navigate the current trends in Nifty Private Banks and PSU Banks indices

As investors and traders navigate the dynamic landscape of the Indian stock market, two prominent indices, the Nifty Private Banks and Nifty PSU Banks, have attracted significant attention for their unique trends and potential trading opportunities.

In this analysis, we delve into the different features and trading strategies for both indices to help market participants make informed decisions.

Nifty Private Banks Index: Buy on Dips Strategy

The Nifty Private Banks Index, currently trading at 23,155, has shown a resilient short-term trend, making it conducive to a ‘buy on dips’ trading strategy.

This approach takes advantage of periodic price declines within the overarching bullish trend. Support levels are expected around 22,850 and 22,715, providing strategic entry points for traders. The resistance levels at 23,264, 23,449 and 23,564 are expected to test the index’s upward trajectory.

Interestingly, the index’s recent move from the R2 pivot level to the pivot level itself indicates a short-term bottom, reinforcing the buy on dips sentiment. This pattern indicates that, despite potential fluctuations, the prevailing bullish sentiment remains intact.

Nifty PSU Banks Index: Caution in a consolidation phase

In stark contrast, the Nifty PSU Banks Index, currently trading at 5,223.30, is experiencing a different market sentiment. The index is consolidating after a sharp rally, a pattern that often involves sideways moves and an underlying negative bias.

This consolidation signals a possible shift in momentum from a bullish to a more neutral or bearish stance. As a result, traders are advised to adopt a ‘sell on rise’ strategy for the Nifty PSU Banks Index.

This approach expects that any rally in the index will face selling pressure as the index struggles to maintain upward momentum. Support levels are expected to reach between 4,870 and 4,820, providing potential targets for traders.


In summary, the Nifty Private Banks Index presents a favorable buy on dips trading strategy within its short-term bullish trend. Traders should closely monitor the support and resistance levels for strategic entry and exit points.

On the other hand, the Nifty PSU Banks Index seems to be in a consolidation phase with a negative bias. The ‘sell on rise’ strategy is recommended given the likelihood of selling pressure during rally attempts. Traders should be cautious and keep a close eye on potential support levels.

(Ravi Nathani is an independent technical analyst. Opinions expressed are personal).