NFL referee Clay Martin delivers ‘false start’ call in GERMAN during Chiefs’ win over Dolphins in Frankfurt, drawing cheers from local fans

NFL referee Clay Martin showed off his language skills on Sunday when he called a ruling in German during the international match in Frankfurt.

The Kansas City Chiefs faced the Miami Dolphins at Frankfurt Stadium in a lineup of the AFC’s top teams for the NFL matchup against Germany, with the reigning Super Bowl champions brushing off the loss in Denver last week to earn a 21 -14 win and go 7-0. 2.

During the first quarter, Dolphins wide receiver Chase Claypool committed a false start, which drew the first penalty of the game.

And Martin, a native of Oklahoma, fooled the Frankfurt crowd by pronouncing the penalty in their native language.

“Fehlstart,” the sixth-year referee began before continuing in English. ‘Violation number 83. Five meter penalty. Third down.”

An NFL referee called a ruling in German during the Chiefs’ victory over the Dolphins in Frankfurt

Dolphins WR Chase Claypool made a false start and Clay Martin (above) called

Dolphins WR Chase Claypool made a false start and Clay Martin (above) called “Fehlstart”

However, that was the extent of Martin’s language skills as he conducted the rest of the game in English.

Already up 7-0, the Chiefs stunned the Dolphins with two more touchdowns in the first half.

Tua Tagovailoa and Miami rebounded in the third quarter, but Patrick Mahomes and co. stopped the comeback in the second half.

Patrick Mahomes looked good from the start after struggling against the Denver Broncos in last week’s loss, but Travis Kelce was limited to just 14 receiving yards without girlfriend Taylor Swift present.

The Week 9 game was the fourth of five international NFL games this season, with the first three taking place in London.

The Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots also meet next week on November 12 in Frankfurt.