NFL RedZone are forced to EVACUATE their studios as emergency alarm sounds during broadcast, with host Scott Hanson branding the situation ‘unprecedented’ before receiving ‘all clear’ after ending coverage

NFL RedZone has been forced to evacuate its staff from its California studios after an alarm went off during game coverage on Sunday, with host Scott Hanson labeling the situation as “unprecedented.”

With just under ten minutes left in the fourth quarter of the Buffalo Bills-Philadelphia Eagles game, the alarm went off.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is a first in my twenty years of broadcasting career,” Hanson initially warned the station’s audience. “There’s an alarm going off right now at the NFLRedZone studios, at our studios here in Inglewood, California.

“We are being told to evacuate the building. We don’t know the nature of the emergency. You can probably hear the alarm going over my right shoulder here, because it’s something absolutely unprecedented for us.

“We have this game going on, the closest game, the Philadelphia-Buffalo game. Our control room needs to be evacuated at this time. The studio where I am standing must be evacuated at this time.’

Scott Hanson, the host of NFL RedZone, stood alone in the studio as the alarm went off

“We’re all good now, we’re staying calm,” the NFL RedZone host went on to say in an attempt to reassure viewers. “But we are following the protocols, as I’m sure you all would in your workplace.

‘So hopefully it will be continued, even though this match is in the fourth quarter. I’ll be back and give you a live update, if and when I’m able to do so.”

Later, as an automated voice shouted “attention, attention,” Hanson, 52, stood alone in the NFL RedZone studio and informed the audience, “And we’re coming back into the studio now.” I’m reminded of an old Chinese proverb that says, “May you experience interesting times.”

“I’ve never experienced anything like this before…” Hanson added. “I’m pretty sure none of our professionals have either….”

Once the emergency was handled, Hanson tweeted, “Well, that was…interesting. The alarm has stopped. Apparently all clear. Still waiting for details.

‘Thanks for watching NFL RedZone Week 12! One never to be forgotten.’

More to follow…