NFL legend Troy Aikman tells the Jets offense to “look at themselves in the mirror” after their latest disaster in the Chargers loss, saying it’s “maddening” that their red-hot defense will struggle to make the reach the play-offs

  • The Jets were completely undone by the Chargers, 27-6, on national television on Monday
  • Wilson may have had one of the worst performances of his three-year NFL career
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Troy Aikman has attacked the Jets after their home loss to the Chargers, telling the team’s offense and coordinators to “look at themselves in the mirror” and that it is “maddening” that their red-hot defense will struggle to make the play to get offs.

During Monday night’s game with his usual partner in the booth, Joe Buck, for ESPN, the three-time Super Bowl champion, the former quarterback said, “If you can’t line up without getting a penalty, then you don’t have opportunity. You’ll never have a chance.

“The focus is always on Zach Wilson, the offensive line, yes, because of the injuries, but everyone who has anything to do with that offense, including coaches, needs to look at themselves in the mirror because everyone has to be better than what we did tonight have seen.

“As good as this (defensive) group is, that they don’t get the opportunity to do really special things with this team because an offense can’t score a touchdown? Pretty maddening.”

The 56-year-old Dallas Cowboys big man didn’t hold back in his assessment of what turned out to be an atrocious showing from the Jets and Zach Wilson, in particular, slamming the team’s quarterback for only starting in “garbage time.” to click. ‘.

Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman at MetLife Stadium ahead of the Chargers-Jets on MNF

Zach Wilson had 263 passing yards for no TDs against LA.  He also had two fumbles and eight sacks

Zach Wilson had 263 passing yards for no TDs against LA. He also had two fumbles and eight sacks

“This isn’t over yet,” Aikman joked on air, as initially reported by Larry Brown Sportsafter Tyler Conkin caught a 33-yard pass from Wilson to give the Jets a chance at scoring a meaningless touchdown with less than two minutes remaining.

“This is when Zach comes to life, watch out.”

Wilson closed the evening vs. LA finished with 263 passing yards with no touchdowns. What’s more is that he fumbled the ball twice and was sacked eight times in what was arguably one of, if not the worst performance of his career since being drafted with the second overall pick in the 2021 draft.

Aikman also lambasted the Jets for their inconsistency this season, citing the team’s 4-4 overall record to explain the struggles. Fans thought ‘Gang Green’ had turned a corner after a win against the Eagles on October 15, which was then buoyed by two straight wins against the Broncos and rival Giants, despite the latter game being a low-scoring affair.

“For the Jets, I don’t know if they’re a good football team. It’s hard to look at them tonight and say they’re good,” Aikman told Scott Van Pelt on ESPN’ SportsCenter after Monday’s game.

“They are great on defense and I thought the defense was great again tonight. Is that a good football team we watched tonight? No.

“I think they’re a bad team with a great defense, that’s what I think they are,” he added. I don’t know if it was a playoff team. “I didn’t see anything tonight that would indicate they’re a playoff team.”