NFL fans mock Travis Kelce’s latest game-day outfit on social media as the Chiefs star dons all-black to head to AFC Championship game against Ravens: ‘Dressing for your own funeral is crazy’

  • The 34-year-old tight end praised Patrick Mahomes as ‘the best QB in the league’
  • He also dismissed rumors of retirement, claiming he would play ‘until the wheels fall off’
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NFL fans took to social media to make fun of Travis Kelce’s latest outfit as the Chiefs touched down in Baltimore ahead of their AFC Championship game against the Ravens.

The 34-year-old tight end was seen stepping off the team plane in ‘Charm City’ with his teammates on Saturday, appearing locked up in an all-black outfit with a small cap on his head.

However, fans had a lot to say about the two-time Super Bowl champion’s ensemble ahead of Sunday’s kickoff at M&T Bank Stadium.

“Trav walks in like he’s about to rob someone’s hopes and dreams,” one user tweeted.

“Dressing for your own funeral is crazy,” said another, hoping the Chiefs’ four-game winning streak comes to an end this weekend.

Travis Kelce wore an all-black outfit and a cap during the Chiefs’ flight to Baltimore on Saturday

The 34-year-old Chiefs tight end looked like he meant business as he stepped off the plane

The 34-year-old Chiefs tight end looked like he meant business as he stepped off the plane

“Travis Kelce looks like a semi-renowned Russian assassin,” someone joked on X, also known as Twitter.

“Sometimes Travis looks distinctly German, like he just left his DJ set in a Berlin club (and) I love it,” someone else shared. “Today is one of those days.”

While the majority of football fans teased Kelce’s fashion choice, others praised the eight-time Pro Bowler for dressing stylishly and professionally.

‘Dressed all in black for this business trip. Perfect,” one Chiefs fan wrote on X.

“The boys look absolutely ready,” another added.

“Walk like a winner,” one user tweeted, while another predicted that “this is going to be a good day.”

“Travis looks like he’s about to pull over for a bird funeral #nevermore #ChiefsKingdom,” one fan shared.

Kelce is coming off a two-touchdown game against the Buffalo Bills and will only be looking to pull off a similar performance on Sunday in Baltimore.

He shared his hype for Lamar Jackson and Co. meeting his older brother Jason on their podcast earlier this week.

The Ohio native also dismissed speculation that he plans to retire soon, vowing to keep going “until the wheels fall off.”

Additionally, Kelce praised Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes as the “best” in the league at his position, emphasizing that he had been fortunate to play with Kansas City’s No. 15 pick ahead of their sixth AFC Championship game together.